Wolf Jaw – I Lose My Mind – Single


wolf jaw

I Lose My Mind is the first  single from the newly named Wolf Jaw, who used to be known as The Bad Flowers.  The band comprises Tom Leighton on vocals and guitar, Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis on drums.  As well as the new name the band have developed a dirtier, gritter sound to this new single.

The track is about the craziness of a struggling mind with all that this brings up.

I lose My Mind  storms into existence with a dark and heavy riff, backed up by  punchy drumming and a deep bass line.  The vocals are high up in the mix, meaning that you can perfectly hear Tom’s  voice and all of the words, which is great as I can guarantee that you will be singing along.

The vocals are ably backed up by Dale on bass, which adds additional depth to this already full track.   The drums bring moments of sheer joy, bringing the furious quality that Karl, always delivers.  I also loved the cheeky cymbal hit during the staccato stops and starts.

The riff in the last third is so filled with anxiety and pent up frustration, gloriously ominous that it almost hurts to listen to it, however the vocals kick in with almost an upbeat swagger proclaiming “I don’t listen to my head and my head don’t listen to anything.”  The cacophony  explodes  into the close of the track, which has echos of The Bad Flowers but on steroids, until, all too soon, the track ends.

The track is released on 1st February 2018 and rest assured that the name may have changed but the fantastic quality of the musicianship is still very much in evidence.  I cannot wait to hear more.



Twitter:  @ThisIsWolfJaw





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