Colateral – 4 Shots!EP

Collateral are a melodic hard rock band from Ramsgate, Kent who  burst onto the music scene in 2018 playing festivals and venues as well as the Hard Rock Hell private VIP party, where the reaction was immense.

collateral 4shots 3000x3000_a

This debut 4-track EP was released by Roulette Records on Friday 23rd November 2018  and was recorded and mixed by Sean Kenny at Ten 21 Studio with mastering provided by Grammy nominee Robin Shmittz of 24-96 in Germany.

Collateral are formed of front man Angelo Tristan,  Jack Bentley Smith on bass, Todd Winger on guitar and Ben Atkinson on drums.

Getting the EP started is Going With The Wind featuring a driving drums, like a heart beat, that drives the track forward, mixing with punctuated guitar and bass.  This is a velvety, sumptuous track with a delicious bass line that  really shines through.  The vocals seem effortless and give hints at what this band can deliver.

The first single off the EP is Midnight Queen, which is a really catchy track that will get your feet tapping and head nodding.  This track instantly puts a smile on your face and you know that the audience at festivals are going to be clapping and singing along.  It feels like a track you have known all of your life, and this is where Collateral are really clever at dialing into the zeitgeist that seems prevalent at the moment.


Angels Crying starts with guitars that reminded me of violins playing, which is apt for this ballad.  You can imagine the stadium lighting up their torches for this track, reminiscent of early Aerosmith or Bon Jovi, it will get you swaying along in time to the emotive vocals that are backed up, proficiently, by the rising riff.  This track has a chorus that will get you  singing along .

The final track of this EP is Just Waiting For You replete with spangly guitar tones , echoing, ethereal riffs and vocals with soul.  The track builds in momentum and stridency becoming more determined and powerful.  There is some beautiful guitar playing here, discordant and reaching before the mellower end.

This is a band that is sure to be played on the radio as it has such wide appeal, I am sure that if you go to their gigs will leave you with a massive smile on your face as the nod to yesteryear is very prevalent and seems to capture what is being looked for at the moment.












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