Pearler – Belter

pearler 2

Pearler are a new band out of Swansea and are made up of Wendle Kingpin on Guitar and Vocals, Evs on Guitar, Freaky on Bass and Backing Vocals and Gwary Hunt on Drums.   This is the debut album and is on sale now from their website.

Fortified kicks off this album with a massive buzz of discordant guitars, that are relentless in  their production of a massive wall of sound that pervades the whole track.  This is a hard and heavy belter of a track, the bass line reverberates through your whole being whilst the two other guitars add vibrant riffs over, building in intensity, shrieking and howling, giving depth.  The drums thunder away, bringing the whole track together.  The vocals really work, providing just the right amount of sneer into the mix.

Crows Eye Feet starts even heavier and more darkly.  The vocals have a punk vibe, dripping with venom and attitude.  The drums and bass blast away, blowing your socks off, combining with the machine gun staccato guitars.  Everything is thrown into the mix in this track, there are some elegant, raspy riffs, a bass line that will not let up and drums that bring the cacophony together.  This is sure to make your head nod and toes tap with its relentless , frantic pace.

For me the drums are the star of W.O.R.Z.E.L Chuggage managing to do more than keep time or fill, they provide interest and lead you further into this deeply frenetic track.  With soaring guitars and a massive bass line this is a track that lashes out against the system and the politicians, using tough language to back up the brutal feel of this track.

Radical Eye starts with a fabulous rhythm that continues into the track, slightly off tempo which is great to keep you interested.  There are some immense guitar sounds in this track that add texture.  The guitars, are for me the stars of this track, flamboyant, immense and played with a driving intensity – this is 3 minutes and 35 seconds of joy!

With a slightly (and I do mean slightly!) softer start we have The Gusher, which features multi layered sound from the strong bass to the throb of the drums, interwoven with vivid riffs.  It shows a slightly different side to the band as it is not quite so in your face as the other tracks, allowing the vocals to come through and really deliver a punch.

Far too soon we reach the end of this album with the final track Money Gains, which instantly put a smile on my face, the vocals have a gravelly edge to them and the way the instrumentation flows together really appealed to me.   I can imagine this track being played live and sounding huge.  There are changes in tempo allowing different sides of the band to emerge, slowing things down, allowing the bass and drums to shine, then cranking it up to 11 with massive, rising riffs and enough distortion to make everyone’s day!  The vocals really fit this track and it almost feels anthemic, it is a huge track and is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

This is a balls out, hard and heavy rock album, that is sure to bring a smile to your lips and force your head to nod along.  I have a feeling that this band will like to party and so be sure and see them play live if they are in your area, I have a feeling it will be a fantastic night.




Twitter:  @Pearlerband


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