The Jupiter Blues – The Jupiter Blues EP

jupiter blues ep


Formed in 2017 under the moniker Jupiter Hollow, The Jupiter Blues are an electrifying four-piece committed to bringing audiences the very best in blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll. In just one year, the band has developed a formidable reputation as one of the liveliest and entertaining acts in the North West.

In 2018, The Jupiter Blues will release the debut eponymous EP, produced by Michael Johnson, who has worked with bands such as Joy Division and New Order.

With a host of foot-stomping originals and tight, well-honed classics, The Jupiter Blues offer a show filled with good vibes, musicianship and unpredictability!

The band are:-  Dale Orenda on lead vocals and percussion, Chris Mitchell on lead guitar, Rick Davies on bass guitar, keys and backing vocals and  Ross Brown on drums.

The EP comes into life with Stingin’ and instantly has a great rock and blues vibe going on, the guitars have enough “twang” to put a smile on your face with the keys adding an old-fashioned feel.  I can tell you my feet were tapping within seconds and all I wanted to do was dance about.  This is infectious music that picks you up, gives you a massive hug and leaves you with a smile on your face.  The tone from the guitar is crisp and clean, with the vocals adding a bit of cheeky swagger.

Six Foot Bulldog has a different texture, hard hitting drums contrast with resonant guitars and a deep bass line that commands you to listen as it provides funk and groove.  The vocals are deeper with a measure of grit thrown in to add to the pulsating mix.  This has funny lyrics and I can imagine the band having a great time on stage performing this.

While the Sun Is on Our Side uses distorted guitar tones that rise and climb, embracing the bass line and drums.  This track uses space to great effect as it allows the strident melody of the guitars to be up front, whilst the rest of the instruments weave their own stories in the background.  There are changes in tempo and some interesting techniques that keep you wondering what else is in store.

The final track is Little Moon which has a slight country feel at the start, using acoustic guitars and a beautiful vocal tone, this is a track that will bring a lump to your throat.  The vocals have a real emotion about them, which works very well with the guitars which pull at your heart strings, crisp and clear but reinforcing the emotional quality of the track.  The track still makes you want to swing your hips thought as the melody is infectious.

So, I loved this EP, it has a bit of everything you could want, swagger, beautiful riffs, space and a bit of cheek thrown in for good measure.

The Jupiter Blues have a load of gigs coming up and so be sure to go out and see them, I am off to see them in Leicester so I hope to see some of you there!  A list of the gigs is below.







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