Little Brother Eli – Our Kind Of Love – Single – Released 18th May 2018

Here at Spin Sunday we are loving all of the new music that is not afraid to combine elements of different genres,  throwing them into the melting pot of life and see what comes out.


Little Brother Eli are one of those bands, combining combining rock, disco and electro sounds with hip-hop rhythms., but  please don’t think this will not be for me.  If you like great music and tunes that are so catchy they stay in your head after one listen then Little Brother Eli are the band for you.

This is not a band who sit still, having toured extensively since their creation in 2013.  The band are Alex Grew on vocals, Joshua Rigal on bass, Adam Stowe on guitar and Benji Page on drums.

I cannot listen to Our Kind of Love without starting to dance as it has such immediate appeal, catching you with with its infectious sound.  There is a quirky feel to the vibe, which I like, as it leaves you listening wanting to know more about where this will lead.  This track is all about funk and groove, the bass line brings texture and energy, which is expanded by the guitar.  The drumming is controlled but adds more than a beat, filling the sound at times.

Our Kind Of Love has a distinct sound, bringing a dynamic sound that is really interesting.  The lyrics have an element of fun but the chorus is a splendid thing, showcasing  all of the band for their different strengths, making you want to learn the words so you can sing along.

Little Brother Eli show the diverse talents that they have in Our Kind Of  Love, the vocals move effortlessly from smooth to gravelly, whilst the bass line will put a smile on your face.  The guitar work brings another dimension creating pockets of intrigue and the drumming is  measured but knows when to add impact.

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As you can probably tell I love this track, it is so catchy with s really different feel from a lot of other music out there.  Little Brother Eli feel like a band, to me, that are not afraid to try something out, having loads of fun whilst doing so.  This should be a permanent fixture on any soundtrack to the summer.

Make sure you catch this band live at some of the forthcoming festivals, I am sure that they will make it feel as though summer is here and all is well with the world.

Media: – @littlebroeli – @littlebrothereli
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