Future Theory – Fractured Nation – Single

Drawing upon a diverse sonic palette with influences ranging from alternative rock to shoegaze and psychedelia, Future Theory have skilfully formed a distinctly moody, ambient sound. One of BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire’s most exciting prospects, their debut single ‘Eye Of The Storm’ was selected by Fender for their best of September 2016 playlist on richerunsigned.com and Q magazine. They are fearless and have a vision to make the music they want to make.

Future Theory

Future Theory are  made up of Max Sander, Chris Moore, Rohan Parrett and Rex Helley and they come from Lincoln. They have a debut EP out called Fools Dream and are due to play Festival 8 in July 2018.

Fractured Nation is due to be  released on 27th April and will be available from iTunes,  Spotify, Google Play and all other outlets.

Fractured  Nation  has an  other worldly vibe about it which is epitomised by the waves of sound from the drums, guitars and vocals, which swirl around each other, building then falling back away.  The vocals are used like a percussive instrument at times which has the effect of  keeping you slightly off balance.  The drumming is thoughtful, allowing space and adding an additional texture into the mix.

The guitars throw vibrant shafts of light, which sparkle and shine.  They add to the vortex vibe that this track has going on, whilst the bass adds depth.

Future Theory certainly have a different feel and use sound very creatively.  I shall  enjoy watching their progress and seeing what comes next.





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