Dead On Arrival – We Are One – Single

A short time ago we reviewed the new EP Chasing Tides  by Dead on Arrival and loved  it for its brooding, visceral quality and sparking riffs.  I really enjoyed the  energy that the band created.  Dead On Arrival have had a change of drummer, now having Joe Smith at the helm.  Joe joins  Jack Dughan (singer and rhythm guitarist),  Ben Calver (lead guitarist) and Connor Woodward (bassist).

Dead On Arrival have a new track out, We Are One, and a video.


We Are One features some heavy, hard hitting lyrics and this is fully reinforced with their energy.  Hard drums and intense guitars start the track until the pause, a bit like the calm before the storm and then the track builds into a maelstrom of gritty vocals and aggressive, buzzy bass.  The drums stamp and thunder whilst the lead guitar builds a muscular edge.

There are changes in pace and direction with lyrics being spoken rather than growled but the underlying rhythm is still battering beneath.  This is a dark and heavy track showcasing what Dead on Arrival are about.  The use of staccato guitar effect, sounding like the throb of machine gun adds different tones to the track, combining with the slow down of the music, leaving you wondering if this is it before it builds into the final chords.

Dead On Arrival can deliver this hard hitting rock and do it very well.  I am looking forward to hearing what else this partnership will produce.








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