Future Theory – Fractured Nation – Single

Drawing upon a diverse sonic palette with influences ranging from alternative rock to shoegaze and psychedelia, Future Theory have skilfully formed a distinctly moody, ambient sound. One of BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire’s most exciting prospects, their debut single ‘Eye Of The Storm’ was selected by Fender for their best of September 2016 playlist on richerunsigned.com and Q … Continue reading Future Theory – Fractured Nation – Single

Whiplashed and Ziggy Stardust – Ed Sykes

‘Whiplashed’ is the long-awaited debut solo single from Bury St Edmunds singer, song-writer and producer, Ed Sykes. With its glammy overtones, fondly reminiscent of Bolan, Bowie and ‘70s era Stones, the single immediately announces itself as a classic pop debut while strongly kicking out its own identity and authenticity. Ed Sykes is like a rock … Continue reading Whiplashed and Ziggy Stardust – Ed Sykes