TAMSYN – In Love or Insane? – Single – Released on 14th February 2018


TAMSYN begun life three years ago when literature student Michael Penfold (Rhythm Guitar and lyrics) met drama graduates Joel Cheetham (Percussion) and Phil Hammill (Bass). The three started writing songs and when they had established a collection they felt could lead somewhere they needed to recruit a singer. Luckily, they found the talented vocalist Alexander Anton (vocals) to join and the rest, as they say, is history.

TAMSYN write up beat, catchy and melodic indie rock songs. They focus on driving, memorable riffs and sing along choruses that can whip up a crowd, whether it be in an intimate venue or on a big festival stage.

TAMSYN have been hailed as ‘one of the newest, coolest and most talented bands to hail from Manchester’ according to Starlight Music Chronicles.

TAMSYN were selected as finalists for Soundwaves Music Competition in 2016, reaching the last ten bands out of over 500 applicants.

In Love or Insane? is their latest single and is due to be released on 14th February 2018.

In Love or Insane? has a really catchy melody that makes you want to hear more.  Starting with drums and spangly guitar it leads you in.  The discordant guitar works well with the other instrumentation adding texture and interest.  The vocals hold a determination but with an emotional edge.  The resonant riff allows the track to build up in intensity to the final coming together of instrumentation and vocals in the repeated “Are we in love or just insane?”

I really enjoyed this track from TAMSYN and if you are a lover of The Smiths, The Libertines etc then you should check them  out.  They have a rich full sound that will leave you wanting to hear more.

TAMSYN’s debut self-titled EP is currently available to download and stream from Spotify and iTunes.  The band will be releasing this brand new single ‘In Love or Insane?’ on the 14th of February with a launch night being held at Jimmy’s bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.



Facebook- www.facebook.com/tamsynofficial

Twitter- @TAMSYNofficial

Instagram- @tamsynofficial

Youtube- TAMSYN Official





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