tHrOnE – Homecoming, Burn Baby and Worth It – Singles


tHrOnE are made up of Derek Trafton on Vocals, Bass and Guitars with Casey Trafton on Drums.  Initially the band also featured Justin Millar  and they began playing from the early ages of 12 and 14, gaining momentum and  getting major airplay on New Englands biggest radio stations.  They have toured the USA 7 times and put out 5 albums.

The band Good Charlotte and especially their guitarist Bill Martin liked tHrOnE and went on to produce some of their music and put them on major tours.  They were offered several record deals but wanted to continue to make music their way until the right deal came along.  Justin left in 2010 which put the band on hiatus.  However, in 2017 Derek and Casey decided to create new music under tHrOnE.  They wrote 30 – 40 songs over 2 months and narrowed the selection down to 13 songs which would eventually become their self-titled album tHrOnE in 2018.

Homecoming starts with an off a buzzy guitar and heavy drums before the vocals kick in.  The track builds into the chorus when the guitar shows its teeth again.  The verse has a more indie feel whereas the chorus definitely has its roots in rock.  The drums pound and interact well with the fierce guitar.

Burn Baby features a great melody that gets your toes tapping and shows the vocal capability.  The heavy guitar still drives the track forward adding snarl and swagger whereas the vocals have a lighter quality, which provides a great contrast.  Throughout the drums thunder in the background.  The instruments swell in intensity and make this a really good track.

Worth It, which is the latest single, starts with the drums and guitars bringing together fuzz and deep, driving bass line.  The vocals have a slight echo effect which works really well.  There are changes in tempo and power which keep you interested.  This is a deep track with a dark overtone which helps to show the bands capabilities.

For me reviewing the 3 singles together allowed me to see the progression.  Worth It is the current single and I would start there for a listen as it has a driving melody that urges you forward combining with fierce playing.  The other tracks are good examples of what the band can do but I preferred the more rock based tracks than the indie ones.








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