Dan Farrell – Colliding Planets

Dan Farrell 2

Dan Farrell is a singer /songwriter / multi-instrumentalist who has been writing songs for over 20 years.   Colliding Planets is the third album Dan has released and it is available now.  He records everything at his home studio and spend every spare minute he can in there. Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s he was influenced by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Amy Winehouse, Bee Gees, Queen and anyone else who turns out melodic grooves.

Kicking off the album Salt of the Earth has a great melody that gets your toes tapping and head nodding along in time. There is a strong blues vibe which is emphasised by the guitar and vocals. The vocals have an element of grit which fits in really well with the track.

She’s still drivin’ has a more rock feel but again with a melody that will catch your interest and leave you wanting to hear more.  The hooks are really clear and lead you into the track.  The vocals are deep and gravelly showing versatility.

Dreams of a dreamer starts with the drums and builds with rich guitar tones.  Conveying soulful vocals which interplay perfectly with the warmth from the guitar.  Changes in tempo add to the texture of the track which has a really lovely feel.  Revealed in a Kiss has an almost jazz feel, which comes from the drums and guitars but also the tempo which breezes around like a perfect summers day.  The instrumentation gives this an old fashioned feel but it would be the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ in the summer, with a glass of wine.

Dan Farrell

Changing the vibe Don’t blame me has an indie feel.  The track is full of swagger which is backed up by the vocals which have a bit of a sneer about them.  It is another track that will get your toes tapping.  Get inside their soul uses the gravelly vocals again and has a fluid feel which is almost Pink Floyd like in places.  Using multiple layers from the keys to guitar and vocals cleverly to accentuate the dreamlike qualities.  The tone from the guitar is mellow and deep.

The blue bar starts with an interesting backing before launching into the track proper.  We are back to gravel filled vocals, with the guitar adding an additional element that feels like a conversation with the lyrics.  The guitar has a soulful, almost melancholy feel.  Driving up the funk One like you features horns and a track that gets your toes tapping.  It reminded me of Huey Lewis and the News.  Building into the chorus this is a track that will put a smile on your face with its old fashioned rock and roll vibe.

Let it go has a Tom Petty vibe and is a really great track.  There is a great melody underpinning the track, reminding you of a summers day.  The vocals have lost some of their darker tones and as the track builds you can imagine this being sung live and the crowd joining in and singing along.  Just because has tongue in cheek lyrics and a softer feel which builds into the chorus.

One in a Million uses a pop vibe, which works well with the horns, keys and guitar.  The man I want to be is blues based, harmonic guitars work well with the other instrumentation and the depth of the vocals.  Leave my mark is back to rock using a melody that is so comfortable it feels as though you have heard it before.  The guitar sneers along with the vocals which have a Rollin Stones feel.  The changes of tempo help to build into a very pleasing track. N You only know when you see finishes the album with vibrant guitars.

Colliding Planets is an album which will hold appeal as it reaches into many genres and delivers them within one package.  There are some really great tracks which have a great groove to them and deliver in terms of the instrumentation and vocals.  I liked Salt of the Earth and Let it Go.



WEBSITE : www.danfarrellmusic.com

TWITTER : @danfarrellmusic








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