Gallows High – Gallows High EP




Gallows High are a five piece of screaming guitars and female vocals.  They regularly gig in Leicester but have plans to travel further afield in 2018.  This EP was recorded in January 2017, shortly after they became quarter finalists in Metal To The Masses Leicester.

Gallows High comprise Emma Wale on vocals, Jake Felstead and Matt Hanz on guitars, Mike Hadland on bass and Josh Chenery on drums.

The EP is heralded by the ticking of guitars for The Clock Is Ticking with its chugging bass line and rhythmic guitars which adding layer upon layer.  The drums rattle coming together to hit you like a force of nature.  This is a great tune that will get your head nodding and by halfway through you will be intrigued by Gallows High and wanting more.  Towards the end of the track we get a sustained climbing riff under which the drums intensify before the change in tempo where the drums become key.

Emptiness has a real mournful quality that is enforced by the dramatic guitars before the full onslaught of the track begins.  Thunderous bass lines pierce the fluid riffs whilst the vocals add a purity of emotion without sentimentality.  The drums crash building into the climax of guitars.  The chorus will have you singing along within a couple of plays or at the very least nodding your head.  Pounding guitars build up with the vocals adding an additional element.

gallows high reverbnation cover small

Invoking Black Sabbath, Nuke Juice, features heavy, chugging guitars, thundering drums and a deep, fuzzy bass line.  The vocals are effortless, adding complexity and interest. Building up into a tumultuous wall of sound, this is track that pounds along at a million miles an hour.   There are clever changes of tempo and tone that keep you listening  and the singing riff with powerful drumming beneath is a joy.

Sparking with guitar tones that embrace the vocals like a kiss from a lover Crawling Back To Heaven is multi-layered and multi tonal track.  The crescendo into the chorus is resonant with vibrancy with throbbing drums, dark bass and snarling guitars.  This is a track which shows the diversification that this band can deliver and their ability to understand how the ebb and flow of a track can work, moving from slow, dreamlike into full on, balls out rock.

Gallows High give you assured and accomplished playing, with vocals that make the singing seem effortless, even the dramatically high notes that are reached.  Having listened to the EP several times I think they are certainly a band to watch out for and I really do hope they get to tour and let more of the country hear their sound.   I think that hearing them play would put a massive smile on your face and although your ears may ring for days after it will have been worth it.



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