Jetstream – Live and Uplugged in the Cave


Formed in 2008 Jetstream have worked hard to establish themselves as the number one live act in the Gibraltar and Costa Del Sol area. Having produced 3 x Ep’s of original material the band have gained invaluable experience performing alongside signed artists such as Jessie-J, The Script, Stereophonics, UB40, Jason Derulo and the Kaiser Chiefs and are ready for the next steps in their musical careers.  Jetstream comprise Nolan Frendo on vocals, Stu Whitwell on guitar and keys, Tristan Tonna on drums, Aaron Ignacio on guitar and Justin Pou on bass.

Already performing regularly at festivals and as support acts for major artists in Spain, Portugal & Gibraltar, this five piece band contain all the ingredients for thrilling on stage performances with anthemic original material worthy of chart success.   2017 saw the band’s single “Starlight” take home the Best Song prize in the GISF International Song Festival, and now with two EP’s of original songs under the belt the band are currently performing a series of high profile events such as “MTV’s Gibraltar Calling” Festival, “Live in London” at the 100Club and as headliner for the “NYE’17” celebrations.

For a more information about the setting of this live recording please read our review:

Starting with atmospheric drumming Lala has vibrant tones from guitar and keys which gets your toes tapping from the start.  The tone from the guitars is rich, adding additional texture to the vocals.  This is a track that makes you smile and sing along.

The Story of My Life has complex acoustic guitar tones, joined by rhythmic drumming adding shimmers with the cymbals.  This is a track that reminded me of Bryan Adams in that it is instantly recognisable and very catchy, meaning that you will be singing along within minutes.  The vocals carry just the right amount of grit to keep this on the rock edge of indie and convey deep emotion.

Jetstream 2

A deep bass line underpins Let Live & Die adding a gravity to this track, which is about what is happening in the world.  As the track gains momentum, the guitars shine adding fluid, rich hooks whilst the drums throb in the background.  This is a track you could imagine being played on the radio and it going down really well.  Building in tempo and intensity the precise drumming and the atmospheric guitars help to make this track stand out.

While I Sleep initially has a softer tone, the guitars burble away like a spring, adding an intriguing  depth.  When this track builds the drumming becomes more energetic, which combine elegantly with the pulsating guitars and keys.    The vocals reminded me of someone but I cannot bring to mind who, showing purity and drive they really deliver in this track.

Beginning with guitars Triangle is atmospheric.  The guitars add a tone that almost keeps you off balance, with flourishes that surprise and delight.  The vocals contain a real emotion, sounding pleading in places which fits in well with everything else that is going on.  The drumming is purposeful and direct.  F5 is packed with rich guitars and deep, pounding drums.  The track intensifies into the chorus with a beat that makes you tap your toes

You & Me has a great blues based vibe, with the guitars shimmering and funky.  This is a track that will make you want to dance, it has a great beat and the keys help to give this a 60’s feel.  The drumming on this track is immense whilst the guitars introduce little sparkles of joy.  This is a track that will put a smile on your face from the start.  The vocals are handled superbly showing different tones than in the previous tracks.

The drums start Starlight with a rat a tat that signals the start of this anthemic track.  With keys and guitars joining to create an elegant backdrop to the vocals, this track builds into the chorus and is sure to have you singing along within a play or two.  This is a track you can imagine being played live and the crowd singing along.  A real emotionally stirring track which is well balanced and thought out.  A stunning end to a great album.  The live recording has made this whole album really sing with atmosphere and the production is great.

Jetstream were kind enough to send me copies of their other EPs, Flick the Switch and Jetstream and I can say they have been on repeat in the car since I had them.  The tracks range from mellow, blissed out, groove laden to more vibrant indie rock which begs you to join in and sing along.  I can imagine Jetstream will do really well as they have a very accessible sound, reminiscent of Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams.


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