Skyfever – Get Out – Single


We previously reviewed a single from Skyfever called The Returning, which we loved and so we were delighted to be asked to review the latest single Get Out, which is out now.

Skyfever are a rock band from Ireland with influences ranging from U2 to Oasis and Audioslave.  They are currently playlisted at Anfield and other football stadiums across the UK and Alice Cooper has given them radio airtime and retweeted a link to their music.

Get Out begins with a discordant clock chiming before the deep guitar tones pierce, building up into a heavy, saturated hook which continues through the track.

This is a track which has a great rhythm and got my toes tapping.  The growling riff in last third is powerful and snarls with attitude.  I loved the interaction with the bass line which is deep, funky and excellent.   As in the previous track the vocals are really clear, adding to the overall texture.

There is a video to the track:

If this is the quality of music Skyfever are creating then the EP should be a cracker!


Download from:






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