The New Faith – Me On You



The New Faith’s Debut Album ‘Me On You’ is released on the 6th of October on Faith Healer Records.   The band is made up of Will Charlton – singer, songwriter, Sam Baldwin – guitar, co-writer, Alistair Scott – bass, Stephen Smith – drums and Jenna Wild – keyboards, piano plus an array of backing singers. Horns, sax players and string sections.  The band come from Brighton and the album is based around family, love, personal battles and growing up.

Describing the content of ‘Me On You’, Will  states that “The tracklisting reflects the story from beginning to end. I moved to Berlin to follow the European Dream, had a break up and moved to Brighton not knowing where I really wanted to be. I tried to write songs to close the chapter. The idea is that as well as being a narrative of the past, the album is also an account of my relations with other people.”

‘Me On You’ is mixed and produced by Dave Izumi, whose flair and flavour comes from his beautifully crafted Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne. “It’s full of reel to reel tape machines, old synths, steinway pianos, a rhino’s head, a mousse’s head and Tony Visconti’s old mixer.”

It sees the band reproduce their highly original songs, handpicked from late night sessions and hours of bedroom recordings and home demos. Two years and a day since Dave first heard the band and called saying he wanted to record them, The New Faith have created a peerless union of relatable lyrics, traditional songwriting and audacious arrangements; a stunning songbook filled with variety and colour.

‘Me On You’ will be available in black, grey and burgundy embossed cover artwork.

There, There is the first track and starts with keys and a gospel feel to the backing singers.  Will has an operatic feel to his vocals in the early part of the track.  The track then merges into a pop vibe, which has a great tempo.  The track is about looking back at your younger self and realizing you have become the things you were warned about.  The sax serves to give this track a final air of polish and depth.


The new faith


The 3 tracks that make up Thirst For The Living Water are about ending up somewhere you never wanted to be and were written as a kind of letter to the past.  Thirst For The Living Water Part 1 has another great melody, with a slightly off beat tempo.  The vocals are dark and brooding which are in contrast to the almost happy sounding melody.

Too Sad To Be Young is a further dark track, the drums add interest.  It reminds me of an 80’s band that I cannot put my finger on.  The musicality is technically really good, the changes in texture throw you off balance a bit but actually when you listen to the lyrics it seems to represent the fact that life keeps you on your toes and off balance.  Thirst For The Living Water Part 2 provides an interlude from the vocals but has a spectral air about it.

The new single Fritter Away  Will says “is written as a letter to my nephew to warn him of the future and what happens as you get older; the transition between youth and adulthood and the emotions he is still too young to understand,”    Will’s vocals are sonorous, resonating deep within.  This track has an old fashioned feel, with the introduction of the strings it certainly pulls at the heart strings.  The ethereal quality of them provide an interesting contrast to the vocals.

Look The Other Way starts with keys and vocals until the strings come in, asking deep questions “do you think I will be alright”.  A personal track conveying life’s journey, ebbing and flowing up and building up into an interesting blend of pop and indie.

Having the feel of a track that would be playing as the backdrop to an epic film whilst the characters are splitting up, or certainly contemplating their future Berlin has an emotional intensity, from the haunting backing singers to the strings.  Sometimes is about being in a different place and coming to an understanding that things always seem to work out the same.

Young Heart Attack  has a more upbeat feel from the melody and instrumentation.  The keys add little twinkles of joy which make you smile even more when you hear the lyrics.

Fully into a gospel type track Communicate soars and rises as heavenly as the choir singing in the background, this then morphs into a rich track that for me is the track of the album.  Multi layered and intelligent, the vocals and instrumentation is a joy.  The rif from the guitar is fluid and spacy and really adds to the track.

Haunted and Whole snarls at the world through a mix of keys, backing vocals and guitars.  The band are not afraid to give loads of space in their tracks, allowing you to think about the lyrics and instruments.  The haunting “This time I’ll learn a little more about you” really adds to the feel of this track, as it swarms and then backs away again.

Small Hours is for me about those dark hours when you have all kinds of thoughts running through your head, trying to rationalize things and working them over and over.  It is about wanting to change but not being sure how.  The deepness of Wills vocals work well with this track which grow lighter with the ending of the track.  Thirst For The Living Water Part 3 is filled with keys and vocals, sounding sorrowful and contemplative.

Aerials starts with the fuzz that you sometimes get when you are tuning in a radio.  A bleak and disturbing feel from the track initially blends into a gospel filled, uplifting track with vibrant drums and distorted guitars.

This is an album which is filled with loads of great ideas and interesting tracks.  The depth of the vocals really come to shine in the last 4 tracks for me, which feel really complete and have the most going for them in terms of commerciality.  However, I am  not sure if that is what this band is all about.  I think they just want to make the world a better place by playing music that stirs your heart and your thoughts and The New Faith certainly do that.




Live Dates


13/10/17 – Brighthelm Centre – Brighton


21/10/17 – The Victoria – London






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