Jetstream Live & Unplugged in St Michael’s Cave (Photography by Jon Segui)

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There are few live music venues throughout the world as breathtaking as that which can be found deep in the heart of the Rock of Gibraltar in St Michael’s Cave. This remote space naturally formed over centuries has on only a few select occasions lent its limestone walls to be the stunning backdrop for an event the likes of which the Gibraltar public were able to witness on the 29th August 2017.

It was on this very night that Gibraltar band Jetstream decided to unveil their latest project … a stunningly crafted acoustic reworking of their most popular material and some new material performed exclusively live for the first time to a very receptive audience.

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This was notably also the opening night for the Ministry of Culture’s inaugural “Gibraltar Music Week” produced in conjunction with concert promoters Neon Angel. A night which proved to be a memorable occasion in front of a packed house of music lovers, musicians, dignitaries, family & friends.

“It’s not every night you have the opportunity to perform in such stunning surroundings”

The Jetstream guys, Nolan Frendo, Stu Whitwell, Justin Pou, Tristan Tonna & Aaron Ignacio took to the stage for the first time with special guest pianist Christopher Cortes. Performing their iconic tracks from 2014 release “A Piece of the Puzzle- EP” most notably opening the show with an acoustic rendition of debut track “Lala”  and follow up tracks the iconic “F5” & the indie-esque “Triangle”. In this dramatic yet intimate setting lead singer Nolan took the opportunity to talk to the audience about the band and their songs in a format not dissimilar to VH1’s Storytellers.

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The charismatic front man introduced the public to a new single “The Story of My Life” a guitar led track co-written by new addition Aaron Ignacio with a punchy chorus that echoed throughout the cave as the audience sang the words. This song together with unreleased song “While I Sleep” also performed on the night are both feature in their original electric format on Jetstream’s EP “Flick the Switch” released earlier this year.

The band closed the show by performing an acoustic rendition of their award winning hit “Starlight” the song which took home the Gibraltar International Song Festival 2017 “Best Song” & prize earlier in the year. “Starlight” from the 2016 EP “Sonic Graffiti” provided a fitting conclusion to a great night of original music receiving a rapturous reception throughout the auditorium.


However this is no ordinary band of musicians…these are creatives with a passion for music. So it is no surprise that the Jetstream boys arrived at the Cave with their own media team of videographers, photographers & audio engineers to capture the event their first live album and a fly on the wall documentary for general release across music stores, online media and TV channels.

“Being able to capture a momentous performance and create a platform for a wider audience to see it and hear it is certainly great opportunity for the band. We have a very talented team that we consider our extended family, so bringing them together to produce this live album and capture the event is part and parcel of what we do.”

“Performing in St. Michael’s Cave has been a band ambition so to realise that and have it recorded and available for the world to see feels fantastic. We are immensely proud of this live album and we hope that others who hear it and see the documentary will love it too.”

Jetstream “Live & Unplugged at the Cave” is now available to purchase and download on itunes, Amazon music &  Google Music and to stream online on Apple Music, Spotify, & Soundcloud.

Signed limited edition CDs are available while stocks last are available by contacting the band by email:

The “Jetstream – Live & Unplugged” documentary is available to watch on the band’s official Youtube & Vevo channels and the band’s website.

For more information visit the official Jetstream website:

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