Jupiter in Velvet – I’m So Ready – Single

Jupiter in Velvet I'm So Ready artwork

Jupiter In Velvet is a US/UK musician. Born in the US, a journeyman of many shores, finding roots in the UK, the home of his ancestors. His last release ’In2 the Arms of Love’, his 6th album, has received heavy airplay around the globe, with songs charting well on the Euro Indie Music Charts and 365 Radio Network Charts. Jupiter In Velvet’s music is a very unique blend of different styles, era’s and genre’s of rock and pop.  He learnt to play the drums at 9 and started playing gigs with his first band at age 10.  In his teens he taught himself to play guitar, keyboard and singing, and began his song writing development.  Jupiter moved to the UK in 2011 to remake himself and merge his vast musical influences and interests to create something new, compelling and uplifting.  And thus, Jupiter In Velvet was born, releasing his first album in 2012 ‘Screaming The Love Behind The Scars’ to much critical acclaim.   Michael Morrison of EVOR Magazine said this:  “In close, most famous artists out there have “it”, I’m not so sure what that is but Jupiter In Velvet has whatever “it” is.”   Today Jupiter In Velvet’s music is played in over 70 countries on 6 continents.

I’m So Ready and the accompanying video were released on the 15th September 2017.  The track has an indie rock vibe, with heavy saturated riffs and an electro feel in places.  The vocals morph between spoken lyrics and the heavier chorus.  The song is about freeing yourself of the things that bind you and ultimately Rocking Yourself Free.

For me it felt as though there was a big divergence between the vocals and the instrumentation and the thing holding them together was the chorus.  However, Jupiter In Velvet has received critical acclaim and is on his 6th studio album.

Jupiter in Velvet pic 6

To watch the video use this linkhttps://youtu.be/yG0jWvxIgV4


WEBSITE:  www.jupiterinvelvet.com 

TWITTER:   www.twitter.com/jupiterisvelvet 

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/jupiterinvelvet 

SOUNDCLOUD:   www.soundcloud.com/jupiterinvelvet 

YOUTUBE:   https://youtu.be/-mpgGYqkDgA 



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