Betty Moon – Chrome

Betty Moon CHROME cover

Canadian export Betty Moon has been busy setting the stage for the release of her 8th studio album Chrome on 25th August 2017.

Put together as a concept record, Moon carefully spent the last year crafting songs that capture the story of her new life in Hollywood after relocating from Toronto. Moon is known for her fearless approach to creativity and ability to stay ahead of music trends that keeps her sound fresh and exciting.  Chrome is the follow-up to her critically praised 2016 release Pantomania, and was produced by Betty Moon and members of her band.

Moon has been nominated for four Canadian CASBY Awards including Best Album of the Year, Best Single of the Year, Best Video of the Year, and Best Artist of the Year. In addition, she has shared the stage and collaborated with many of today’s top producing, recording and film industry talent.

“The idea behind Chrome was to project a beautiful, destructive and sexy concept of what life can be like when there is nothing holding you back. The drama, success and passion for music all comes together with this album. Each song was pieced together to tell a story that is bigger than you could imagine.” – Betty Moon

Sound has a great pop sound with synth and tempo working in harmony.  Betty has a great breathy quality to her vocals.  This is a track that is sure to get people up and dancing.  This is also the first single off the album.   Demolate has a different vibe, more intense with impact from the drums which add an extra layer of texture.

Liar is a catchy track, fast paced and has a gritty emotional quality, talking about the knock backs and getting up, showing determination.  With a different vocal quality Waste Your Time is much slower and reminded me of the ocean as the music and vocals creep in and then fall away.  This had an 80’s quality to me.  It has an ethereal quality that works well with the vocals.

Natural Disaster is back to toe tapping, which is heavily influenced from the rhythmic drums and guitar tones that buzz.  It has an Enya vibe but bought up to date and with a heavier chorus, that is very catchy.  This is a pop rock track that should have mass appeal.


Parachute is back to the breathy vocals but with a heavier drum beat that really adds to the overall quality of the track.  The guitars add a vibrancy and a general air of groove to this track.

The second single off the album Life Is But A Dream has a real holiday feel, you can imagine lying by the pool hearing this track and nodding along.  It has a dream like quality but with a lightness of tone that makes the track sparkle.

Bullet To My Brain builds in to the chorus, with a tempo that changes tempo allowing the vocals to also change.  The second half of the track is more successful, in my opinion, as it has more grit and has a more rock edge.  Believer is back to a dance track, with a trance vibe, which is enhanced by the drums.

Starting with drums and guitars Crazy I Am has a darker feel, drawing on rock influences.  Here the breathy vocals work well as they add a natural juxtaposition to the rest of the instrumentation.  The track continues to deepen the further in you get, with catchy hooks that will get you nodding along. Dead End Road has a deep, funky bass line that draws you in, with the tapping from the drums.  “A little rock n roll, don’t hurt anyone, as we dance, dance, dance” sings the lyrics.  This is a funky, trance dance track that would sound great on the radio.

Afterglow starts with just the guitar and slowly builds up.  This is a sassy track, with real sensuality that builds up like the glow from a lamp being turned on.  This is a track that works on loads of levels and is sure to have appeal.  The breathy vocals add the right amount of intensity, building up and falling away, until you are left with the guitar tones until the end.

This is an album that has been well crafted for its audience.  It is sure to appeal to people who like dance / trance music but also could be a gateway between pop and rock, on some of the tracks.  I can imagine putting this album on with a BBQ going on around me and it being the perfect backdrop to a long, hot summer evening.








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