10 ROGUE – Serpentine

10 rogue

On 20th October 10 ROGUE, release their ferocious catchy debut album ‘Serpentine’ on BUT! Records through Universal Music. 10 ROGUE are made up of Peter Evrard on vocals, Vincent Waynen on guitar, Zan Geerats on guitar, Stan Verfaillie on bass and Bruno Goedhuys on drums. 10 ROGUE were founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, based in Belgium, have been a going concern since 2014.

This new breed of alternative metal band grew out of the musical friendship of seasoned songwriters Jon Buckley and Vincent Weynen who were teenagers and mates in South Africa.  Although the pair have been writing and co-writing on and off since then, in mid-2014 they decided to collaborate on a more focused level, and recruited bassist Stan Verfaillie.  In the Autumn of 2014, 10 Rogue was completed when singer Peter Evrard joined the group and added to the band’s own blend of metal-rock, fused by heavy riffs, deep grooves and melodic vocals.

Storming out of the blocks with all guns blazing Erased is a guitar heavy track, the bass line is deep and resonant, with masses of fuzz.  The drums thunder in the background whilst the vocals reminded me of many traditional rock n roll bands of the 70’s and 80’s.  This is a track which is fast paced with chugging guitars and climbing riffs.  This is a track you can imagine going down very well when played live, the slower section would be a real crowd pleaser with lyrics bring sung back to the band.

Amphetimine has a dark, driving base line which continues throughout the track.  The vocals reminded me slightly of Blink 182 or Green Day.  This is another full on, balls out rock track that has much to make it appeal to the masses.  The riffs scream and pierce through the bass, whilst the cheeky lyrics put a smile on your face.  This would make a great radio track.

Starting with the drums Dark Angel Princess has a really catchy melody that I found my toes tapping along to within seconds.  This is a slightly lighter side of this band who are not afraid to express their emotions.  The track builds up to the distortion filled chorus, conveying bags of hurt and anger.

Disappear You starts off much harder but morphs into a track that is complex with multiple layers of sound.  The sonorous bass hitting hard, whilst the drums crash and combine with the gravelly vocals.  The grinding riffs are packed with distortion and fuzz.

Stripped back with an acoustic guitar Get Myself Free shows another side of the vocals of Evrard, conveying so much depth and feelings it really adds something special to this track.  Then the rest of the band kick in with a mighty force, the riffs are generous and joyful, providing a juxtaposition to the bleakness of the bass line.   This is a cracking track, showing the diversity of the band whilst still producing a very catchy track.

Perfect for radio, I Am The Light is a sing a long, catchy tune that moves at a million miles an hour.  The buzzy bass chugs along, the drums throb and then the flamboyant, energetic guitars provide additional texture.  This track reminded me in places of The Buggles.  This is a track that should go down well as it has something in it for everyone.

Starts with a sound that feels like a record being played backwards Know Better is a more sombre track.  The riffs have a hazy vibe, that adds to the experience of being slightly off balance.  Moving from a metallic feel to angular they match with the vocal effect.  Unscathed, is back to rock at its purest, sledgey guitars, thundering drums mingle with gritty vocals.  With riffs that swoop in and lighten the tone, you could imagine this track on any of the classic rock records of days gone by.

Love Hate uses a different vocal sound that is really intensely gravelly in the chorus whilst almost ballad like in the verse.  It reminded me slightly of the Foo Fighters in style but the sound belongs firmly to 10 Rogue.  This track has elements of doom metal merging with a ballad style, both moving in and out of position as if in a discussion or argument.  You’re Killing Me leads with its aggressive bass line, packed with fuzz and distortion, growling and fierce it sets the tone.  Hooks pierce the darkness with skewed intensity, briefly glimpsed but disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

Rattling guitars herald Some Day.  This is a great track and reminded me, in essence of Bon Jovi.  The vocals work really well, etched with pain in the verse, building with drama and emotion in the chorus as the rest of the band joins the melee to provide a massive sound. The track rolls around and reminded me of the endless conversations we can have in our heads, never getting to the answer but growing darker with every incantation.  For me this is the track of the album.

Dysfunctional, with its sassy lyrics and immense sneering riffs is sure to be a crowd pleaser, dark and heavy with some throaty, gravelly vocals.  Starts with a great drum intro and then into surly guitars When Ya Down is filled with hooks and riffs plus the really pleasurable drum beat.  This is a track that moves at a phenomenal pace and would be thunderous when played live.

This is a true rock and roll album, combining hard and dirty elements with more soulful emotion.  For me the stand out track was Some Day, which worked for me on loads of levels.  This is a band who are hard to pinpoint exactly who they sound like, probably as they have taken loads of the classics and thrown them into the melting pot and have delivered on what has come out.

To Pre order:

iTunes:  http://hyperurl.co/dic8mo


CD Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SERPENTIN…/…/B074TXVFYW/ref=sr_1_1


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/10rogue/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/10RogueBand

Web:    http://10rogue.com



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