Rolling People – Rolling People EP

Rolling p

Rolling People are an alternative rock band who come from Nottingham.  They comprise Kyle Metcalf (lead vocals), Cian Smith (lead guitar / backing vocals), Jordan Griffiths (rhythm guitar), Josh Purnell (bass guitar) and Louis Peake (drums).

Rolling People started out a year ago in Cian’s garage then moved to a rehearsal room.  Three of them being old school friends and the other two members of the band were recruited through a website called Join my Band. This EP was recorded in February 2017 and their first ever gig was in June 2017.

The EP was released in March 2017 through Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Come On starts with distorted guitars and bass with hazy riffs ripping over the top.  The sound reverberates around and when the vocals start it reminded me slightly of Kasabian mixed with Oasis.  Creating an immense wall of fuzz the bass then allows the drums to add drama. The riffs scream and soar above adding another layer of interest.

With the guitars providing the backdrop Feel The Sound it has a powerful driving strength.  Resonant riffs are sprinkled over the track, adding a conversation to the vocals.  There is a melancholy air to this track, which is increased with the haunting riffs, that rise and fall, as the vocals invite you to come on and “Feel the sound, all around.”

Last Chance is another distorted, fuzz filled track.  The guitars bring fluidity and keep the track moving  along at a pace.  The drumming provides a great solid foundation on which to build the powerful, driving bass.  The climbing riffs bring light to the depth of the vocals, and continue to display the talent that is on offer, as the drums intensify before the track comes to a conclusion.

Rolling People are a young band who seem to know their way round their instruments and are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They are a band to watch out for and I feel that these tracks will have even more intensity when heard live.




Twitter:  @_rollingpeople



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