Twister – 64 White Lies – Single – Released 22nd September 2017

Twister - 64 White Lies artwork

Twister are a high energy pop / rock quartet that hail from Durham.  Twister is fronted by Stevie Stoker on vocals and guitar and has Jake Grimes on guitar, Matt Whitaker on bass and Joe Major on drums.    The band released an EP in 2016 Designed State of Mind and had success with their single Trees.  64 White Lies is the first single of their forthcoming album Combined State of Mind.

This is a band who have toured with Status Quo, Simple Minds, Texas and Scouting for Girls to name a few.  They also came very honourable second out of 12,000 acts at Surface Festival.

The video for this single was filmed at their album launch party at 02 Academy Newcastle and shows the full throttle effect of seeing them live.

Starting with a picking effect on the guitars that allows the sound to warble and build into powerful riffs that build the texture adding layer on layer to the feel of this track.  The vocals of Stevie have a pained vibe as they sing of “We fight and brawl for the love of you all”.  The whole track moves effortlessly from melodic pop sounds into full on rock with thumping drums, deep bass lines and glorious riffs.  The chorus will have you tapping your feet and at the end of the track you will want to press repeat.


This is a band that you would want to see live as this seems to be their natural habitat, delivering swagger and attitude by the bucket load, showing full command of the stage.  I am looking forward to trying to catch them live and also hearing more.

Here is a link to the YouTube video of the track:











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