Deep City Diver – Everyone is Alone – Single


Deep City Diver are an indie band hailing from Hackney in East London.  They are made up of Ryan Nicolussi (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Macmillan (Bass) and Ryan Kalkman (Drums).  Drawing on influences from Sydney and Stoke-on-Trent the band are well regarded for their explosive live shows that combine massive energy with more melodic sounds.  Deep City Diver are now emerging from dive bars and watering holes and starting to play at basement clubs and national festivals.


Everyone Is Alone features driving guitar riffs and thumping drums that would not be out of place on a rock track the impassioned track delivers on swagger and intensity.  The chorus is really catchy and will get you singing along with minutes of listening.  Building up into the chorus this track comes alive with vibrant intensity and is sure to have your toes tapping along.


Having a central theme of isolation Everyone is Alone challenges you to take a chance on a dream.   This is an upbeat track that delivers on multiple levels.


This is a band that I am going to keep an eye on and see what gems they deliver next.





Instagram: deepcitydiver

Twitter: @deepcitydiver




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