The Virginmarys – Sitting Ducks EP


The Virginmarys new EP ‘Sitting Ducks’ will be released 22nd September 2017 and is available to pre order using the links below:

Sitting Ducks has been self-released and self-produced in order to connect more directly with their fans.  Ally Dickaty (Guitars and Vocals) said “We’ve always been hard to pigeon hole and we thank our fans time and again for letting us be ourselves so we can grow together. We have an army of incredibly dedicated fans and our lives shows have become all the more special for it. In these unpredictable times, we want to be part of the answer and put something true into the world.”

This EP was born out of an ambition to showcase greater light and shade, showing what it is to live, love and lose.

Starting with a thumping drum beat from Danny Dolan which immediately gets your toes tapping Sitting Ducks crashes out from the speakers using clever overlays of driving riffs before Ally’s vocals kick in.  This track has blues / rock / pop feel and certainly got me dancing along.  This is a track with immense funk and groove and is sure to have appeal across the music genres. Building beautifully to the 60’s sounding chorus which show cases both the drumming power and the gravelly vocals.  The multi textures that the drums produce give real appeal, keeping you on your toes and wondering what is to follow.


Virginmarys 2

Sweet Loretta has been a single and was Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Tracks Of the Week’ winner and Team Rock featured ‘Singles Club’. Serving to showcase the broad spectrum of sound that this band can produce this track, has a punky feel in the early section before morphing into rock.  This is a track that moves at a frantic pace, the vocals have a swagger about them which fits perfectly with the sparklingly, shiny riffs and throbbing drums.  The guitar adds a bubbly effect which gives flavour, getting added to this melting pot of delicious riffs and drums which make you want to hear more.

Though The Sky has another different sound.  The guitar solo shows again that this band know how to play their instruments well.  From the raspy guitars to the drumming that is multi layered, this track delivers on loads of levels.  It has beautiful lyrics, which I am sure will get crowds singing along.  The tempo of this track ebbs and flows, giving you surprises like the sizzling riffs and changes in the vocal sound.

Slower and packed with touchable emotion Sleep is a heart breakingly beautiful track that had the hairs on my neck standing up.  Ally’s vocals here are epic, raw and open, with palpable intensity.  The breaks in his voice towards the end almost did me in.  This track has integrity as you feel that the emotion is really real and felt, it is displayed in the craftsmanship of the wonderful guitar playing which adds shimmers of bittersweet sound.  This is a simply stunning track!

Simply put this is a stunning EP, well crafted and though out, dripping with emotion and integrity.  The drumming by Danny is a force to be reckoned with, sometimes in your face and thumping and then adding intrigue and texture.  The guitar playing and vocals of Ally have left me breathless at times, conjuring up the whole range of human emotions.  This EP should have really broad appeal too as it moves from punk to rock to pop to soulful ballad.  These tracks have been on repeat and I have not tired of them, in fact more listens propels you further into the tracks, enabling you to hear more and more.  Fantastic job The Virginmarys, can we have some more please?

The Virginmarys have supported Queens of the Stone Age, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Eagles of Deathmetal, Crobot, and also have festivals Reading & Leeds, Download Fest, Sonisphere, Isle of Wight Festival to add to this impressive list.   “Divides”, released in 2016 was very well received by press and fans alike and reflected the fear and darkness of unpredictable time.


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