Hedra – Mind Dimension EP

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Norwich noise mongers Hedra are bringing raw heavy music back with their first E.P. Titled ‘Mind Dimension.’  Hedra, which is a verb meaning to accidentally ruin something permanently are made up of Jim Marten on vocals, Chris Gedge on Guitar, Kamil Korsak on Guitar, Bo Boy on Bass and Tomas Mrazek on Drums.

Mind Dimension is already released and available via HMV and others across the UK in Digipack format.  It is also available via Amazon and other digital retailers.  Mind Dimension is a 5 song story about one man’s journey through depression into finding peace. The Mini Album was recorded at HVR Studios in Ipswich by Danny B of ‘Criminal’ and ‘Anhilhated’ fame.  This EP has been snapped up by The Snakes, record label on Fire Records.

Hedra have already had airplay on radio shows from Hard Rock Hell Uk to RBX UK and Rock on the Rise US.  They have also toured extensively with the likes of Devilment, Def Con One and many others.

Vocalist Jim creates a powerful overlaying noise throughout and the  seven string guitars tuned to low end G#  blast through to compliment the high end vocal grit, and thumping Bass and a unique use of Roland Digital Drums beaten with a hefty groove complete Hedra.

The opening track is Mind Dimension which sets the pace with frantic, violent drumming.  The strong and heavy bass line emerges with driving guitars adding tone and loads of texture.  The vocals are deep, throaty, adding grit, whilst sweeping over the top Jim sings.  All of which combines, clashing and furious creating a maelstrom of colour and sound. In the final third whilst the drums thunder, the riffs are sublime and lifting.


Unspoken is another multi layered track, which has a real haunting quality at the beginning.  The guitars snarl, the bass line is as fierce as the drumming, the singing vocals give this track glimmers of light whilst the deep, gravelly vocals drag you back into the full force of the track.  This is not a track for the faint hearted as it leaves you somewhat off balance and not sure what to expect next.  As the premise of the EP is about a decent into madness it is easy to imagine from this full on, force of nature.

War Child builds slowly, again with a slightly ethereal quality, sounding like a call to prayer with menacing overtones.  I have to say this was my track of the EP as there is so much going on but in a slightly gentler format.  The drums and bass change time and so knock you off balance whilst the guitars lift and then plunge you back down into the rich undertow.  The guitars snarl and battle to be heard over the massive drumming and huge bass line, as the vocals ask “Why has He forsaken us?”.

Back to full on thunder The System starts severe and muscular with full on drumming, determined guitars over another massive bass line.  Halfway through there is a change in tempo, which again does not let you off the hook but does at least allow you to catch your breath.  The directional changes from drums and guitars provide intrigue and uncertainty.

Stating like a conversation between drums and bass Lost I Am Hate sneers into being.  The riffs resonate with distortion over the throbbing drums and bass.  The guitar playing is tight, growling and boisterous occasional skewing off in other directions.  The vocals are pure gravel and emotion during this track building the tension, which comes to a chugging finale as the battle between drums, guitars and vocals is satiated.

The band state their influences as  Slipknot, Pantera, Korn , Cancer Bats and Will Haven, amongst others  which you can feel.  However, they have created a multi tonal, multi dimensional EP with massive drums and bass lines and some splendid riffs.  I have to say that I admire this vocal style and wonder how it can be sustained but I preferred the sung vocals, but that is just my preference.




BUY: hedrastore.bigcartel.com

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/MKACCH_XOX4

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/hedra-norwich

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/HedraMetal

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