Littermouth – Swindlers. Liars, Shaggers, Cheats – Single and Video


Littermouth are British band based in the South West of England. They have been going since 2012 and have released this debut album in October 2016. The 12 tracks for the self-titled album were recorded & produced by Littermouth & mastered by three time Grammy Award nominated Andy Jackson.  Andy was head sound engineer for the last two Pink Floyd albums & digitally re-mastered Floyd’s legendary album Dark side of the Moon.

They aim to creative hard hitting groovecore driven guitar-based British rock music with an art or cerebral melodic edge to it with quirky riffs and very meaningful words – definitely not the sort of lyrics for love-sick teenagers!

Littermouth are: Jon Price – vocals, Steve Shelton – Guitar, Synth Guitar, Backing Vocals, Andy Lloyd – Drums, Andy Young – Bass, Julie Meikle – Backing Vocals.

This single is off the self titled album and a review can be read at

Swindlers, Liars, Shaggers, Cheats starts with a massive wall of sound from the heavy bass and energetic drumming overlaid with raspy riffs as we are asked to consider headlines about celebrities and what this means for us.  This is heavy, rocking track with huge, skewed riffs.  There is use of speech in this track, which works well to highlight the issues that the band are engaging with.

I can wholeheartedly recommend a watch or two of the video as it has Laurel and Hardy plus more recent press cuttings and is filled with humour but does have a serious side too.





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