Skyfever – The Returning – Single

skyfever 2

Skyfever are a rock band from Ireland with influences ranging from U2 to Oasis and Audioslave.  They are currently playlisted at Anfield and other football stadiums across the UK and Alice Cooper has given them radio airtime and retweeted a link to their music.  This single is currently being played on a host of radio stations up and down the country.

Starting with deep guitar tones, this is a full on, rock out track that will get your head nodding within seconds.  The Returning is inspired by defeating doubt, whether it is from within or from other people, which is reflected in the music.


The bass line is deep and fuzzy, the drums thunder away and the guitars add interest and flavour.  The vocals are really clear, making this a really accessible track that should have wide appeal, not only in the rock community as it  would not be out of place on any major radio station.

It features some blissful, skewed riffs and a thumping, great tune and will leave you wanting more and more.

They have a lyric video for those of you who love to learn the words to sing along at gigs: 

The band have indicated that they are currently working on an EP, which I am really excited about and cannot wait to hear.

Give Skyfever a listen, I am pretty sure you will thank me when you do 😊


Download from:





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