Crimson Star – Bay View EP



Crimson Star are a hard rock band from Birmingham, UK. Formed late 2012, comprising James Shaw (guitar, lead vocals), Ross Edgington (drums, vocals) with Roger Ash (Bass).  They filled 2016 with performances and have supported Tax The Heat and Wilson.

I love the EP artwork which made me smile and also could be a great conversation to have with the band about what it all means.  They describe their influences as Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and Royal Blood and you can see flavours of them throughout this EP but there is original material here, providing commentary on what is going on in the world and within the heart.


Opening with a belter of a track The Pragmatist rocks into existence with  deep, heavy basslines which are soon overlaid with James vocals which contain a gravelly element but just enough to convey the emotion of this track, which is about the pain of someone you love stopping loving you.  The bass supplies enough fuzz to keep everyone happy whilst the guitars are rich and full.  The drumming moves from fierce to elegant, helping to reinforce the vocal content.  This is a full track which moves along at great pace but has a really catchy hook that will remain with you and keep you pressing repeat.  Soaring riffs combine with cavernous basslines making this a track that is sure to delight.

La Prom gives the drums their moment to shine, mingling with raspy bass and vivid riffs.  The vocals are more breathy on this track but still drip with emotion and intensity, which has a deeper, vibrant feel that reminded me of Queens of the Stone Age slightly.  Powerful riffs lead into a change in tempo highlighting vocals and drums with shimmers from the guitars over.  The piercing riffs would not be out of place on any rock album, combining effortlessly with the thundering drumming, fat bass line and emotionally charged vocals.

Staccato drums and chugging bass lead you into Once, with whooshes from the guitar.   This track still has the dark, heavy feel of the others but the vocals demonstrate another layer that they can add, soaring and reflective.  There are joyous riffs that sparkle and delight as they glide over the throbbing drums and cavernous bass line.  You will be treated to fat, boosted bass about half way through which vibrates deep within, highlighting the talents of this band.

Euthanise Me starts like a death march, swaggering along, deeply dark and decadent.  There is a heart beat of rhythm building into a mammoth crescendo of sound.  The changes in texture come with the with the vocals, which have a blues feel, building up layering on the passion and brooding ably assisted by  screaming riffs combine with growling bass.  I loved this track as I felt there was so much going on that I wanted to keep listening over and over to get the full extent of the sound and feel of what was on offer.

The bass and drums are what Gimme Some is about.  Deep and menacing they provide a compelling backdrop to the commentary on what we can trust and what is a lie, power and corruption that make it perfect for the world in which we find ourselves.  It is sure to resonate deeply with listeners, a bit like the bass line!

I was really impressed with this EP, it has so much to delight.  It is well crafted and well thought through, from the artwork to the way the tracks hang together.  The music is deep and rich with emotion and intensity.  Rock n Roll is not dead whilst bands like Crimson Star are producing EP’s like this.

The band recorded their latest EP entitled “Bay View” in June 2017 with well-known record producer Romesh Dodangoda (Lower Than Atlantis, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend), which is due for release October 23rd 2017.

The band will be releasing the first single from the EP entitled ‘The Pragmatist’ alongside a music video on September 18th 2017.



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