A Vintage Year – Picture Perfect


A Vintage Year are a progressive alt-rock band that hit the music scene in 2015. With hints of several different influences across genres, great chemistry and presence on stage, A Vintage Year brings a fiery and original rock ‘n roll presence to the music scene.

A Vintage Year consists of Joe Williams (vocals), Jordan Barney (guitar/bass) and Nick Manka (drums).

Their debut self-titled EP was released in 2015. Their single “Say” was released in 2016. They released, and completed a 2 week tour of, their second EP “Beautiful Disease” in January 2017. The band released the single and music video “Lousy Soul” in June 2017.  In July 2017 they released the album Picture Perfect.

The album opens with Lousy Soul which starts frantically, morphing into bass heavily laden with doom, sounding like early Nirvana.  This is a heavy, dark and deep track with its aggressive and fierce guitars which sneer and snarl, creating a cacophony of intense sound.
Ain’t Right is lighter by contrast, starting with vibrant guitars being joined by bass and drums and featuring a lighter vocal style.  There are sparking riffs and saturated, boosted bass lines with fuzzy distortion.  The track features really clever changes in timings and tempo which adds interest and keeps you listening to see what happens next.  There are some joyous, flamboyant riffs with combine full, muscular bass to create a melting pot out of which a massive track is born.


Distortion fills the start of Loaded Gun with its swooping guitars and creative drumming, this is another multi tempo track.  The focused guitars provide an intense wall of sound working well with the anguish in the vocals.
Moldy Juice Mouth starts with twangy guitars and is Eastern in feel.  Here we see the vocal talents of Joe who provides breathy vocals which work really well on this track, providing additional layers of imagery.  I felt that this track was reminiscent of the feel of Placebo.  The track leads you into an immense sound in the chorus with clashing guitars and powerful, penetrating drumming.  This track keeps you off balance with its twists and turns and I found it really compelling listening.

Spacy, fluid guitars move you into On Your Hands, a very atmospheric track.  Again, there is a clever use of space before the enormous chugging bass line kicks in providing an interesting juxataposition between verse and chorus.  Filled with intense riffs and loads of texture this track is a winner in my book. Providing sublime playing and memorable vocals this track delivers in bucket loads.
Hypnagogic is another full track with a fat bass line and thundering drums.  It has happy feel as the vocals implore “Help you through the day, I know you’ll be OK, I’m on your side”.  The guitars provide a machine gun rattle, sparks added from the cymbals, woven with the deep, rich bass line, creating vibrancy.

Crash Landing starts with a burst of laughter this is a sun shiny track, that has a swinging tempo which bursts into the chorus which has a heavier feel. There is loads of interest from the drums and guitars which knock you slightly off balance but then grab you and pull you back into the chorus.  Snarly guitars and heavy bass combine with eloquent riffs that are dispersed with little pops of sounds from the guitars and drums.

This is a band who know how to handle their instruments and use them to create something which keeps you ever so slightly on your toes, delivering what you were not expecting.  There is a grunge vibe and the band site Bush as an influence to which you can gain the passing nod in their direction.  The multi tempo and texture works well providing interest and intrigue, each track building on the last.  I think that this would sound immense live and if you are lucky enough to be close by when they tour I would urge you to go and see them.




Twitter:  @avintageyear585

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