Deadfly – Deadfly EP

Deadfly are a 4-piece band based in Torbay in South Devon. They combine bluesy Grunge with Desert Rock and take influences from a range of bands including Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and The Doors. The band are Lee on vocals, Sweeney on guitar, Stu on drums, and Mike on bass.


The lyrics are all written by Lee covering politics to observations on modern life and personal struggles. The EP was recorded at Ocean Studios in Paignton.

Starting slowly with guitars and shimmering cymbals Lowlife Crisis is the opening track of the EP.  The build up to the introduction of the vocals is very catchy and certainly caught my attention, it gets your head nodding along.  The vocals from Lee hit you with their deep resonance and vibration and were a bit of a surprise providing a great juxtaposition to the feel of the guitars and drums.  Once the track gets going you are introduced to swaggering riffs which provide a raspy undertone to the vocals.  This track has a great beat to get your toes tapping.

Hindsight reminded me of a mixture of The Doors and The Della Grants, with guitars that make you think of summer as they sound so full of joy.  There is a fuzzy, funky bass line and muscular drumming which build the sound.  The shuddering guitar riffs are a complete joy combining with tempo changes that allow the vocals to show bucket loads of emotion with the gravelly resonant voice of Lee. This is a very clever track as the feel is of lightness and summer but the vocals are about warfare.

Deadfly 2

With a melancholy guitar that fits so well with the vocals Possessed is emotional and intricate.  This is a track about possessions holding you back, “slave to all man made, look around and see who’s really in control.”  The fury builds into throbbing drums combining with sneering guitars. It  ebbs and then comes back stronger, wrapping you in the vocals and not letting up until the final emotional out breath.

The EP has a charm that harks back to a bygone era whilst bringing it completely up to date with the political and social references.  The atmosphere created is one that will appeal given the relevance of the lyrics combining with the quality of the playing across generations.  The feel of the EP is upbeat but the lyrics tell an emotional story, the disconnect feels right given what is being sung about.  I really enjoyed this EP and the standout track for me was Hindsight.  Deadfly are currently working on a singleDemockery” and are planning to release this in the form of a video.

The EP is available as a name your price deal via Bandcamp and the band are looking to get it onto Spotify and other streaming platforms in the near future.




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