Saint Apache – Wolf Machine EP

Saint Apache Wolf

Saint Apache are part of the new breed of Rock that is storming across the world.  They come from Eastbourne, England and describe themselves as an alternative rock quartet with a myriad of influences. The band formed in 2015 and already have a dedicated band of followers who support the raw, in your face sound that the band produces.  They released their self titled EP in 2016 and this latest EP, Wolf Machine is being released on 21st July 2017.  You will be able to download the EP from all the usual sources plus Soundcloud

The band comprises Thom Meredith on vocals, Leo on Lead / Rhythm Guitar, Luis T on Bass and Adam Oarton on Drums.  There will be a very powerful music video for The Story Doesn’t End Here released on Tuesday 4th July 2017.

The EP has been written about corporate and government corruption all over the world and that this is far more deeply ingrained and far reaching than usually thought.  However, this is an EP about rising up, standing together and pushing back to regain control.

The EP opens with You’re Not a Slave, the strong bass line drawing you to the weaving melody as it rises and falls away into the chorus.  There is a staccato feel from the drums and guitars, toned with a driving riff that darkly intensifies the mood.  The track moves along at a fast pace changing tempo and feel, with the driving riffs continuing to hold everything together.  The middle section uses Thom’s spoken word adding an extra layer of barded wire to the already spiky track.  The use of guitar and bass tone is clever as it again leads you in a slightly different direction.

Saint Apache

Shimmering guitar tones ease you into The Story Doesn’t End Here which soon gets overtaken by immense cranked riffs, that morph into a more fluid spacy feel.  This is definitely a track to get your head nodding, as it hits you with everything the band has, staggeringly good riffs, chunky bass lines, multi layered drumming and very catchy lyrics.  It is a swaggering, full on, very well-crafted track that should go down well with anyone who hears it.  Having watched the video for The Story Doesn’t End Here Saint Apache certainly give their performances their all.  This track has passion and honesty at its core, combined with an enormous, heavy rolling riff that is certain to bring a smile to your face.

Distortion is used to hail the start of Half Way Dead which combines Crobot influences with full on, intense, groove laden sounds.  This is conducted at a frantic pace which only lets up slightly with the bass line that helps to ground the track, along with some fierce drumming.  It all fits together really well with Thom’s beseeching vocals to “Please God get me out of this”.  With growling riffs and a bass line that you feel in your chest this track has swagger and attitude in spades.  It certainly enticed me and left me pressing repeat time and time again.

Wolf Machine provides social and political commentary as well as a thumping great track, not only from the drums at the start but from the woody organic riffs which combine with the massive bass line to emphasise everything that the band believes needs changing in the world.  There are changes in pace, which allow for reflection, until you are almost at the end when we are advised to “Break down the war machine” which comes underpinned with piercing, skewed muscular riffs.

There will be much to appeal to many types of rock listeners here, there certainly is some very fine playing and clever use of vocals, spoken and sung to create moods and dimensions for the listener to travel.  The Story Doesn’t End Here was my killer track when I first listened and has been on repeat enough for the neighbours to know the words now, however the surprise for me was Half Way Dead which I really loved.

The band cite Rage Against the Machine, Buckcherry and Everytime I Die as influences, and if you combine these with a bit of modern punk, rap and some down and dirty rock then you will have an idea of Saint Apache, however the best thing to do is to download this album, play it loud and enjoy the moment.  Download the music, buy the merch and go and see them live, I am sure they will deliver!




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