Dig Lazarus – Outlaw EP


Dig Lazarus might be a band that you have not heard of but they are producing grown up rock n roll which is loud, interesting and highlights their talents.  They are a three-piece rock n roll band with Ash Tustain on Guitar and Vocals, Atticus Hall-McNair on Bass and Vocals and Jack Cotterill on Drums and Percussion.  Outlaw is their 4th and most accomplished EP to date, the others being Ladies and Gents, Live at MFN and Satisfied.

The band was formed about 5 – 6 years ago and they have endeavoured to record an EP each year since they won Original Band Showcase in 2015, a Leicester based competition which helped to propel them into the spotlight and got them gigs with the likes of SKAM, Picturebooks and Tequila Mockingbyrds.  I saw them live over a year ago and they have grown in accomplishment since then.  The material that they are now producing is grown up and would start heads nodding and feet tapping from any rock fan.

Dig Lazarus have grown into their roles as musicians over the years they have been together, they know how to have fun and the chemistry between them is very evident on stage and off.  If you like bands like the Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age then Dig Lazarus should appeal to you.  I would urge you to see them live as their music is even more impressive.

Hands Off begins with a rush of heavy, vibrant guitars which are sure to be a crowd pleaser with any fan of full on rock music.  The drumming rolls along with the bass providing a deeply rich tone.  The track changes in pace as the guitars and drums weave in and out of each other creating a musical pathway that leads you further into the track.  This is a catchy tune that I found myself singing along to very quickly, combined with energetic drumming, heavy bass lines and raspy, cutting riffs

There is a slower start of White Ryno with its discordant bass line but this builds into vibrant, full buzz which has great rhythm and balance whilst engaging the listener and encouraging toe tapping.  There is almost a staccato sound from guitars and drums as the track builds.    I have heard this track live and it delivers and gets your energy pumping.

Salacious starts with the drums and then the bass line kicks in with its rounded fuzzy feel, mingling with the chunky guitar.  There is a distortion to the vocals in this track which helps to highlight the sleazy feel to this song.  This is my personal favourite on this EP as it invites you to “Are you ready for the time of your life boy?  Step right up and lose your mind”.  There is a wonderful interplay between the bass line and the drums which continues throughout the track.  This has a dark and dirty feel for me, move snake like and sensuously from start to finish.

Outlaw  the title track of the EP, has a head nodding melody from the start.  There are climbing riffs, machine gun drumming, hazy bass combined with a catchy tune.  The guitar snarls and growls along, urged along by the bass and drums.  There are lots of changes in tempo to keep you interested and intrigued to see how it all ends up.  This is band who are not afraid to create a bit of space to allow the listener to catch their breath and understand what they are hearing, it also allows all the members of the band to shine.

I am not going to say much more but you need to keep listening as there is a hidden track which had me in floods of laughter when I heard it.



I personally feel that whilst we have talented young bands out there, who are passionate about producing exciting rock music that the future is very much in safe hands.

Outlaws EP will be available to purchase from June 30th both physically, directly from the band and digitally on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play.  You can also stream it from Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Streaming.


Listen at soundcloud.com/dig-lazarus
Watch at youtube.com/DigLazarusMusicFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/diglazarusUK/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Dig_Lazarus

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