Rainbreakers – Rise Up EP


With the approach of summer and those sultry days of sitting back, chilling out and listening to more laid back music this EP would be a great addition.  The Blues Rock fusion has really developed over the past few years with people like Dan Patlansky, Broken Witt Rebels and Joanne Shaw Taylor leading the way.  The Rainbreakers aim is to fuse sounds from Blues, Rock, Pop and Soul, making a modern sound to express themselves as well as their experiences.  This is their second EP which was released on 7th April 2017.

The Rainbreakers are a four piece band that formed in September 2012 comprising Ben Edwards on vocals and rhythm guitar, Charlie Richards on Lead guitar, Sam Edwards on Drums and Peter Adams on Bass.

They come from Shrewsbury and have generated much acclaim touring with Corky Laing (Mountain), The London Souls, The Devon Allman Band, Laurence Jones to name but a few.  Last year their performance at Great British Rock and Blues Festival in Skegness saw them win the crowd vote on the Introducing Stage and gain a place on the Main Stage at the 2017 festival. The bands efforts have even gained the attention of The British Blues Awards, who nominated Rainbreakers for The Barry Middleton Award for Emerging Artist 2016.

I first heard their music on Guy Bellamy’s Meridan 107 radio show and liked their sound as it had a chilled out feel.  Rise Up starts with On My Own which has a shimmery 60’s / 70’s vibe to it which is enhanced by the cymbals and translucent guitars.  There is a funky bass which has a groove of its own.  The smoky guitars wind in and out of rhythmic drumming and full bass line highlighting the aching vocals.  This track seems to be about breaking up with someone and the vocals highlight the hurt and heartbreak.

Rise Up is a slightly slower track with a pronounced, interesting beat, filled with distorted guitar riffs, having a slightly eastern feel.  The beseeching guitar seems to be compelling you to take a stand, this could be personally changing your life around or it could be more social commentary.  The track urges the listener to remember that “Good times they’re coming around”

Waiting on You feels like heartbreak on a beautiful summers day.  Ben’s vocals have real soul and drip with emotion.  Again, this seems to be about personal relationships and how they don’t always work out.  This is reinforced by the heavy, sorrowful bassline and haunting guitars.  The riffs are ethereal, lifting and swooping.

Think groove, think psychedelic and this will give you the feel of Perception with its fat bass line and whah whah from the guitars.  There is an aching quality to Ben’s vocals which give this hazy track soul and depth.  It almost feels like a dreamlike state as over and over we are asked “How can it be, the girl stole my heart?:”

The drums lead you to Living Free which has a deeper, more rock driven edge than the previous tracks.  They are dispersed with resonant chords from the guitars and vocally charged with harder sounding lyrics.  The rising riffs that soar with the vocals cry out “I’m living free”.

This is a soulful mixture of more traditional blues with a good helping of rock thrown in, mixed with real emotion.  This music could easily be played on mainstream radio stations and loved.  It certainly had my head nodding along and has been the perfect accompaniment to some of the warmer days we have had recently.

I have now got to hear The Rainbreakers play live and they were awesome.  They really give their all on stage, playing some very accomplished music.  I was even more impressed to find out that Rise Up was recorded  on the final day of EP and that they were jamming and it all came together, with no paper to write the lyrics they used an electric heater to write on.  As the heater was turned on it did nothing for the longevity of the lyrics but did help them to produce a really great track.


Photo by:  Samantha Lamb


Photo by:  Samantha Lamb

When you then find out that the EP was recorded in a garage and that Charlie is left handed but plays right handed lead as this is how he was taught!  It makes for one impressive band that is certainly one to keep an eye on.

They have a variety of tour dates coming up and are playing a few festivals.  Go and see them if they are coming to a place near you, they will not disappoint.

Check out their Web page or Facebook for more details.


Website:  www.therainbreakers.com

Twitter:  @TheRainbreakers

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Rainbreakers/

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/the-rainbreakers


Photos by:  Samantha Lamb

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