Camden Rocks – The Screaming Eagles. Proud Camden


This was my first time at Camden Rocks but I have to say it is a superb event.  There are about 250 bands spread over 24 venues, so there is plenty to see and listen too, including some bands you know and others you have not heard of but whom are waiting to be discovered.

Screaming Eagles were playing at Proud Camden which is a great venue with a decent stage and raised area at the back of the room, so plenty of places to be able to see from.

To say that Screaming Eagles hit the stage running is to under exaggerate the energy that they created.  They started with Ready for the Fall and the crowd were clapping and cheering along within minutes.  Next up was Screaming Eagles, giving the band the opportunity to show of their talents by some sublime guitar playing and energetic drumming.

Hungry For More got the crowd even further on side, loads of singing along and hands pumping the air.  The music was really getting everyone going, pure rock and roll played brilliantly.  The band seemed closer than ever and really tight.  They were certainly up for a great time.

By the time we reached Rock n Roll Soul Screaming Eagles had the audience clamoring for more.  An outstanding set played with great passion that left us all Hungry For More!

Considering they were on at 2 pm they packed the venue out, with plenty of heads nodding and whoop whooping along.  Screaming Eagles definitely won some new supporters with their energetic, great sounding set.  Go and see them if you get the chance.





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