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House of hatchets

House of Hatchets formed in 2016 and are made up of Chris Allison on vocals, Jamie Parker on guitar, David McIntyre on guitar and Frazer Parker on drums.  The Grind was recorded in Edinburgh by Mark Morrow and has been mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For a Friend, Twin Atlantic).

They massively loved what Beartooth did with their first album and didn’t feel there was anything really like that emerging locally (Edinburgh).  So, they decided to start doing it themselves loving that kind of honest, raw, rip-roaring style which they wanted to make their own.  The result of that is The Grind.  House of Hatchets in the throws of writing a full-length LP so there is much more to come towards end of year!  They have had radio play on Jim Gellatly’s Amazing Radio show and featured on the Macho Grande Podcast’s latest episode alongside While She Sleeps.

Their First hometown show is 10th June 2017 at Mash House in Edinburgh supporting Donnie Willow for their EP Launch.  The Grind is out May 19th as is available to buy on iTunes as well as being available on all the usual streaming platforms.

Too Real kicks off this EP with heavy thundering drums, driven guitars which intensify into a mass of sound, with vocals that reminded me slightly of My Chemical Romance but this has a swagger and vibe that belongs to House of Hatchets alone.  The tempo changes and slows, only to build and intensify again with guitars piercing the immense sound with shimmers of light.  The vocals weave around the deep, organic guitars and fearless drumming sometimes using a slightly distorted vocal sound which works really well.

Sleep has a more head nodding rhythm as the guitars provide a fuzzy distortion.  This track has a really catchy chorus and is probably why this is the current single.  There are really interesting changes in pace in this track, with a load going on including resonant riffs, rattling drums and a great melody.  I can imagine this being played live with the crowd singing back as the chorus is one that is sure to please and get people singing along.  It has certainly had multiple plays here.

Texture is certainly provided by the guitars in Never Broken which entice us in with a wave of sound that pulses with a life of its own.  The vocals are more in the style of Slipknot and Killswitch Engage than the previous tracks.  Skewed guitars which throb away combine with energetic drumming.  This is a fast paced track which takes no prisoners as it rattles and pounds along.

With crushing guitars and massive drums The Rain That Ruins Us thunders screeching and screaming into being.  The powerhouse of guitars and drums combine forces and deliver a menacing, brooding and very intense sound.  It is the vocals that add some light until we are pulled back into the maelstrom by the growling. This is a full track which is fierce and dark until the shimmering guitars bring the light back in as the track builds to a climatic ending.

Cut Them Down is the closing track on this EP and has a great melody that will get your head nodding, they use a conversation between vocals, pleading and threatening to add the texture whilst the frantic drumming and chunky guitars deliver.  The track ebbs and flows with changes in pace, power and passion but the quality of the workmanship remains the same.

This is an intense EP which packs one almighty punch for 5 tracks.  If you are a fan of Beartooth, Killswitch and the like then I think you need to give them a listen and you will probably find that you have them on repeat for quite a while.  If I was to find myself in the vicinity of The Mash House on 10th June I would certainly be going on as I know I would hear some very lively, good quality metal.




Twitter:  @houseofhatchets




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