Time of the Titans – Daniel Trigger

Out of the blue I was asked to do a review of the latest album by Daniel Trigger who is a singer/ songwriter based in the Midlands UK.  When he then went on to tell me that all proceeds of his album will be donated and split between 3 charities; Marie Curie Cancer Care, Dementia UK, and the Diana-Award Anti-Bullying Campaign I knew I was in.  Daniel donates all of the money from his music to various charities and produces some great rock n roll into the bargain!  This latest album was released on 29th April 2017 and is available as a download or physical CD from www.danieltrigger.bandcamp.com.

Time of the Titans is performed by Daniel Trigger, Sally Trigger (backing vocals), David D’Andrade, Chris Hingley and Ben Read who all contributed guitar solos.

If you are a fan of Europe, Bon Jovi, Alter Bridge and the like you will not be disappointed with this album.  It has everything that a classic rock album could ask for, huge riffs, catchy lyrics, deep, rich bass lines and heavy drumming.

The album begins with Promised Land which is full of heavy riffs and very catchy lyrics.  The thundering drumming combine with heavy basslines to make this a classic rock sound.  With piercing riffs leading into the final third of the track you get to hear the vocals with female backing.  This reminds me of Journey and Toto and those classic 80’s rock bands.

Head nodding and toes tapping Losing my Faith streams in with another huge wall of sound, slightly reminiscent of Bon Jovi but this is a sound that is all Daniel Triggers own.  The bass line chugs away meeting the energetic drumming and atmospheric, soaring riffs.  The vocals at the end of the track growl and snarl with an intensity that mirrors the track as a whole.

Slightly discordant Here comes the Rage adds changes in tempo and vocal quality to the mix and by this point I was very impressed with this album and wondering why I had not heard of Daniel before.  This track has a massive chorus that I would love to hear live with a big crowd singing along.

A slower start to I was a Titan leads into an anthemic stadium track with immense lifting riffs, that sparkle and sing.  There is a battle feel to this track with its uplifting lyrics, drums that throb and deep, lush bass lines help to reinforce this feel.

I love the start of Welcome to the Real World with its chorus of voices and vivid riffs and fat bass.  This again has an 80’s vibe but only because of the massive sounds combining with another catchy melody.  The guitar sneers and snarls whilst the bass adds texture and contrast.    The lyrics are hard hitting about being stabbed in the back, and no one caring about anyone else.  So, as well as combining excellent tunes there is a great deal of social commentary going on with this album.

Do you know who I am is definitely a stadium ballad track along the lines of Bon Jovi and Europe, there is a softness to the vocals until we get to the chorus where everything comes crashing in, enveloping you in massive drumming, heavy, chugging bass and resonant riffs.  A real crowd pleasure to be sure.

An operatic opening to Sell my soul leads into a guitar heavy track, sizzling with riffs and licks with a slightly off tempo drumming.  A rolling, vibrant track that booms along, with another great melody that builds into the chorus.

Ready to fly is about seeing the world through new eyes and not being broken down, the drumming is great in this track adding more texture.  Daniel said that he tries to deliver anthemic widescreen choruses and this track is certainly one that delivers on that promise.  Piercing, shimmering riffs help the track to build and the deliberate slowing of pace in the final section helps to build this into a song that most classic rock bands would be very pleased to have on their set lists.

The drums and bass are centre stage for Rain showing the musicianship that is on offer here and is another track that will have your head nodding and toes tapping.  Close my eyes is hard and heavy building to the chorus with whah whah guitar’s, sympathetic drumming which weave around the vocals creating a sound that you will now recognise as being Daniel Triggers specialty as it is filled with flamboyant, vivid riffs and deep bass.

Personal Asylum darkly winds with distorted fuzzy bass lines that aggressively build and demand attention.  This is deeply brooding track with the riffs adding to the melancholy feel, it has an intense vibe as the vocals cry out about burning in my brain.

Pendulum reminded me slightly of Bryan Adams initially but it morphs into a kind of Alter Bridge sound, this is a high energy track that powers along.  This is my favourite track on the album as i8t had changes in tempo, joyous riffs, hard hitting drumming and also gave a bit of space for my head to catch up with all that was going on.  Reach Out reminds you that you are not along and seems a very fitting end to this album.  It has the anthemic qualities that Daniel Trigger delivers with chanting, climbing riffs, lush bass lines and energetic drumming.

There is so much at admire on this album, it is chocked to the gills with great riffs, very catchy tracks and classic sounding rock that is sure to please.  Plus, all money is going to charity which, in my mind makes this a real winner.  The album is £2.99 to download or £4.99 for a physical copy and is definitely worth that for the hours of entertainment you will enjoy.  It is available from:  www.danieltrigger.bandcamp.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanielTriggerSingerSongwriter/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/daniel_trigger?lang=en

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/danieltrigger

Web:  Danieltrigger.co.uk

Reverbnation:  https://www.reverbnation.com/danieltrigger


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