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Littermouth are British band based in the South West of England. They have been going since 2012 and have released this debut album in October 2016. The 12 tracks for the self-titled album were recorded & produced by Littermouth & mastered by three time Grammy Award nominated Andy Jackson.  Andy was head sound engineer for the last two Pink Floyd albums & digitally re-mastered Floyd’s legendary album Dark side of the Moon.

They aim to creative hard hitting groovecore driven guitar-based British rock music with an art or cerebral melodic edge to it with quirky riffs and very meaningful words – definitely not the sort of lyrics for love-sick teenagers!

Littermouth are: Jon Price – vocals, Steve Shelton – Guitar, Synth Guitar, Backing Vocals, Andy Lloyd – Drums, Andy Young – Bass, Julie Meikle – Backing Vocals.

Littermouth’s third music video ‘Monkey’ was released in April 2015. In its first week of release ‘Monkey’ received over 5’500 views and at one point was getting 1,000 hits a day. ‘Monkey’ went on to be voted ‘Best original rock song 2015’ by LA based Indi Music, hit number 6 in X Radio’s monthly British Bands Chart and be awarded ‘Video of the Week’ by Audio Graffiti.

Breathe begins with slow twangy guitars with other worldly backing vocals but when the guitars come clashing in with an almost Zep twang the track springs into life.  This morphs into a head nodding tune which moves from left to right with buzzy guitars and fuzzy bass lines.  There is almost a progressive feel to this track which changes direction and tempo, each of the instruments has its moment to shine with the major riff at the end of the track bringing it to an eloquent close.

Vibrant guitars and drumming lead you into It’s Up To You which has a slightly 70’s vibe for me.  This is a very catchy tune that rolls around but provide interest from the intense bass line and quirky riffs.  There is a definite summer feel to this track, even though it asks difficult questions “Do you fight the world or does the world fight you?”.  This is a groove laden track which certainly had my head nodding along from the start.

By way of contrast Swindlers, Liars, Shaggers, Cheats starts with a massive wall of sound from the heavy bass and energetic drumming overlaid with raspy riffs as we are asked to consider headlines about celebrities and what this means for us.  This is heavy, rocking track with huge, skewed riffs.  There is use of speech in this track, which works well to highlight the issues that the band are engaging with.

Bullets in Bed starts off with an Eastern feel chant with discordant guitars and an evocative feel and leads into a slower, more melodic track.  This track definitely has a different feel from the rest of the album.

With deliberate pauses and a more grunge style Another Paradise pulses into existence.  This has an almost reggae feel in the melody but morphs into a hazy feel.  Again, the spoken word works well in this track as it intermingles with the female vocals and guitar.

This is what I wanted to Say is back to a more rock orientated track as the buzzy guitars lead you in.  The deep bass line and sporadic drum beat makes this a very dark track, that chimes and throws you off balance.  The vocals work well here with the gravelly tone that reinforces the darkness.  Wailing riffs, deep bass and a battle cry of drumming lead this track to the end.  Skewed, distorted riffs combine with vibrant drums is what Friend is about with an indie vibe.  The underlying “What you gonna do?” works well with the chorus to add atmosphere.  This is a track where the guitars really shine with lush riffs.

Killing Me has a great beat, it reminded me slightly of The Doors with its hazy feel.  This track goes to highlight what this band is great at, catchy melodies, throbbing drums, fat bass lines that intrigue and transcendental riffs.  This is the best track on the album, in my opinion.  The chorus is really catchy with it’s “Don’t go falling in love” repeated over and over and is sure to be a crowd pleaser when played live.

One and One starts off very slowly but builds with energetic drumming, massive bass lines and sustained tweaked riffs.  There are multiple changes in tempo in this track which is reinforced by the changes in the vocal sound.  The richness of the guitar playing in this track shows that this is a band who can play their instruments and understand how to put a track together.

A jungle beat with the cry of “Monkey” bring us fully into this fast-paced track.  Raspy riffs that lead you upwards, head nodding beat and heavy bass lines.  This is definitely a toe tapping, head nodding track.  The howling, piercing riffs towards the end give this track an extra dimension.   Dark and brooding Questions is filled with fluid guitar playing, fuzzy, distorted bass playing and percussive drumming.  Licks add shimmers of light which are needed to bring this track fully to life.

The Price I Pay has a bit of a 60’s / 70’s rock feel to me.  This is back to being a full on rock track with trashing drums, fat bass lines and enough riffs to keep everyone happy!  This track asks some deep questions about refugees but this is backed up by the brooding, almost menacing nature of the track.

In summary, I would say there are some very good tracks on this album with Killing Me being my personal favourite.  Littermouth manage to combine rock with grunge, reggae and a slightly pop feel on some tracks but I feel the rock tracks are where the talent shows through.



6 thoughts on “Littermouth – Littermouth

  1. Really enjoyed reading that, Littermouth will be thrilled! They will dedicate ‘Killing Me’ to you at the next gig this weekend 🙂 It is a wonderful thing you are doing for all bands here, it must take many hours of time. There is so much unsigned talent about in so many bands that the mainstream TV & Radio chooses to bypass, preferring to support manufactured pop stars created from glorified glossy TV karaoke competitions to fill it’s music broadcast quota. This leave almost no vehicle for creative original bands trying to break through – thank you for being a shinning light above all of that!

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  2. What a great review for Littermouth and the album. It was comprehensive and insightful. I feel you really got a handle on each of the tracks. Killing Me is one of my favourites as well. Many thanks, Julie.

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