The Legendary – Let’s Get a Little High

Formed in Munich by Thorsten Rock (guitar and vocals) along with Stefan Tonjes (drums) who were followed soon after by Alexander Pozniak (guitar) and Basti Philip (bass), The Legendary have been forging ahead against the established German Metal scene since 2014.

Early recognition came with If I was A Girl appearing on the UK Classic Rock Magazine cover CD, and over the next 2 years an EP and 2 singles followed.  2016 saw the band get into the studio to record their debut album, Lets Get a Little High produced by Max Schlichter (Killerpilze).

All of this hard work has paid off in 2017 with the band signing publishing and distribution deals all in readiness for the release on 19th May of Let’s Get a Little High .

The album opener, Rocket Ship, sets the tone for the rest of the album all along with a great countdown intro.  Most definitely written as a set opener we get the driving riffs and pumping chorus we’ve grown to expect from the band on their previous releases and sets the tone nicely for the title track.  Let’s Get a Little High has shades of Black Stone Cherry without ever completely bowing down to the southern rock gods, with some great bass lines and a BSC like chant along chorus this keeps the pace going  nicely.

Half a Devil has already been released as a single, the video was launched by the German edition of Classic Rock Magazine.  Being the third song on the album it is well placed to follow the 2 openers, and almost sums up The Legendary in 3 minutes – well crafted songs, well constructed lyrics, and something to make you smile.  This is probably as good a first three opening tracks as I’ve heard in a while.

A very slight change of pace for Sazerac Woman, which only goes to show we have a talented group who know how to arrange a song – there is a lot of space on this album which gives everyone a chance.  A lot of bands could pay attention to the standard of production here, it’s very, very good and there are some really clever things going on, but it never detracts from what the band want to present.

Feel Some has a much more mellow, slower pace and shows the versatility these guys have.    The Legendary have always been able to write some grown up, perhaps even cheeky, songs – check out I Wish I Had a Beer as Cold as Your Heart– and next track The Path continues that tradition of looking at relationships from two points of view.  This is a lyrically clever track.,

The anthemic Shot in the Dark is one of those songs I could never see a UK/US based band doing, and because of that it sits perfectly here.  With  Russian musical overtones in terms of the production and arrangement it could only be done by  someone from that side of the pond.

The Dirt again brings a change away from hard rock and into those singalong songs that the band are so good at delivering.  If this is one thing that stands out on this album is the fact that each song has a proper structure and arrangement that allows the listener to get involved right from the start.  Not to forget some real hard hitting lyrics built around some not so great relationships.

Extraterrestrial starts us on the homeward journey and those rousing riffs just keep on coming.  Hints of those southern country influences again surfaces at times, leading us into Tomorrow, the penultimate track. A much softer opening builds up nicely into a lovely song just before we get back to what this band do best.

Kissin Kate has been released before and is the oldest song on the album.  Normally I would think that this cheats the buyer a little but this song with the clever lyrics is the right finisher to this album.  But you don’t half wonder about the women these guys have know  in their lives!

Kudos to the band for not going back to their EPs and previous singles with the exception of Kissin Kate. as many have done before.  This is a statement of intent to keep on moving forward creating new music and I applaud them for that.  Overall, we get a great opening 3 tracks, a really strong end and enough going on in the middle to keep this listener interested. This is a great debut album.  More please.

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