Mount Holly – Live in The Old Library, Mansfield –  15th April 2017


I had the pleasure of seeing Nick Perri and Jameson Burt last August when they came over to test the water and see if there was an appetite for their music.   I have supported the band since I first heard of them when they released “Roll Out” from the Transformers movie in 2016.  The shows last year provided a flavour of the joys to come when the full band came over.

The band comprises Jameson Burt on vocals, Nick Perri on Guitar, Deanna Passarella on Bass and John Bach on Drums and they come from Southern California.

The shows last year were really interesting as Nick and Jameson had to do the work of the whole band to give an impression of what they could do when the full band were together.

The gig in Mansfield was the whole band and believe me when I say that this was a show not to be missed.  This is a very talented band who understand that sometimes space is a great thing as it can either showcase a particular band members forte or give the listener time to reflect and catch up.  Don’t get me wrong this was not a slow show, it was full on at times with huge riffs, energetic drumming, vibrant bass playing and charismatic charm from the vocals.

The songs are thought provoking, beautifully crafted and also really catchy.  The kind of songs you can easily pick up in a couple of listens.  There were also anthem style songs, Stride by Stride being a particular favourite.  We got to hear this evident crowd pleaser and I think the band were overwhelmed by the force of singing they got from the crowd.  There are also sultry, sexy songs that seem weave magic as they progress.  In short, this is a band who can do everything that would please a crowd.  Ask anyone who attended the gig in Mansfield and I would bet that they could not wait to get out and tell everyone about this amazing band that they had seen.  The look of joy on the faces and the size of the crowd waiting to tell the band how much the show meant to them is evidence of this.

Mansfield got a special rendition of Tom Waits Dirt in the Ground, which Nick and Jameson played when they were over in August but this was something very special.  Jameson’s vocals were soulful and heartbreaking, almost catching with emotion at times whilst the playing from Nick, Deanna and John was sympathetic to the original but they managed to make it sound their own.

You have no choice but to be up close and personal with Nick as he wandered into the audience showcasing his talents on the various guitars he had with him, this is a man who knows how to make a guitar sing, soar and weep with joy.  There were mock battles between Nick and Deanna, I think Deanna won though as her playing is rich and full, playing the bass like a lead at times.  She made a bass guitar cry out to be heard and John on the drums plays with consideration, sometimes taking the time out to throw one of his sticks at Jameson!

There was something for everyone in the set, Mount Holly can range from Blues, Rock, Pop and everything in between.  The album is eagerly awaited by many and it is easy to see why.  This album should have mass appeal and you can rest assured that the playing will be sublime.

This is a band that should do really well, from the mass appeal of their music to the charm and good nature of the whole band, both nights being in support of

Personally, I can’t wait for the album to be released and then hopefully we can get the whole band back to do a fully UK tour, you will not want to miss them.


Twitter:  @MountHollyBand




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