Bad Llama – Shedding Skin EP

Bad Llama are an alternative/metal band formed in 2016 based in Burton Upon Trent and consist of Kyle Jordan (Vocals), Lewis Hutchings (Bass), Gaz Waddell (Drums), Dan Houlbrooke (Guitar) and Sam Wyatt (Guitar and Backing vocals).

They blend a sound of 90s rock, funk and metal with modern industrial and progressive sounds. Their sound delivers powerful choruses, intense vocals, funky basslines, diverse beats and prominent guitars with climactic outros.

Bad Llama released their debut EP ‘Shedding Skin’ in September 2016, with its leading single ‘The Wolf You Feed’ being aired on Kerrang! Radio several times. The band were also played on BBC Introducing East Midlands and many other stations across the world.

Bad Llama made their first appearance at the 02 Academy 3 in Birmingham in October 2016 and have since played there again. They have also made a TV appearance as part of Johnny Doom’s show ‘Amp’d’ on Birmingham TV.

Shedding Skin starts with The Healer which begins slowly with a single note that morphs in and out changing direction until the guitars come in with a rolling bass line, drums that build up and a funky guitar tempo.  Kyle’s vocals are soft but loaded with feeling.  The track builds into the chorus which hold a depth of emotion both in the vocals and the atmospheric riffs.  There is much to hold your attention, the drums add real interest with the offbeat quality, building to provide a larger intensity in sound.

The Wolf You Feed has an immediate and dramatic vibe with imploring vocals singing out “I can’t let you go“ as the guitars create a wall of sound that throb and ache with muscular riffs.  The searing riffs drive home the emotion which deepen the intensity of this track.  This is a full rock track with lyrics that bring to mind The Streets in places.

Paint in Sound builds into a head nodding tune with fuzzy rich bass lines and soaring riffs and energetic drumming as the vocals cry out “This is prison, a broken vision” and implore “give me something to live for”.  The riffs on this track could grace any rock track as they rise and fall, flowing intricately with the vocals and drums.

Slower and with a deeper feeling, reflected in the dark, melancholy guitar is 10 Years Time.  Dripping with emotion and piercing riffs that add sparks of light to this dark and brooding track.

In Exile slowly builds with bass and sorrowful vocals, drums adding texture and flavour.  Transcendental riffs lift this track as they sublimely shimmer.  The bass line is earthy and helps to ground the listener, which slows in middle to an ethereal, other worldly feel as the vocals repeat over and over “If I can’t find you”.  There is a lot going on this track which has a more progressive feel.

All of the tracks on this EP have great depth and emotion, there are brooding, snarly tracks and more upbeat ones which show the talent that is on offer in this band.  I think there is much more to come from this band who  have shown with this EP that they can handle tough issues, play with thought and maturity and produce great music.


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