End My Sorrow – Of Ghostly Echos


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End My Sorrow are a Danish melodic metal band who, after 20 years of struggling, released their debut album through Art Gate Records on 25th November 2016.  The band was formed in 1997 by Christan H. B. Jensen and Jesper Skousen.  The line up is Anne-Mete Nielsen on Vocals,  Christan H.B. Jensen on  Guitars and Vocals, Snade  on  Guitars, Jens Kruse Andersen  on Bass with Jesper Skousen  on Drums.

The band describe themselves as Groove up, tempo down packed full of energy and distortion that gives a unique result.  They love playing live music and feel that the music has evolved over the years resulting in this album.

The album begins with Wither Away which has melodic guitars with heavy drumming and a distorted bass underpinning the sound.  Anne-Mete’s vocals stream in and are harmonised by a growling Christan, Anne-Mete’s vocal quality is really pure and is a great juxtaposition to Christan.  The track changes tempo but throughout you have the powerhouse of guitars and drums.  The track offers a really catchy tune.

Show Burning Red kicks off with sledgy guitars with the bass adding texture and interest.  It is a slightly slower tune but picks up tempo and had my head nodding along with the rhythmic bass.

Past Horizons provides interest from the drums which lead into the heavy, brooding guitars.  This slower track, has a menacing feel which is evidenced by the speed and piercing riffs that highlight Christan’s vocals.  There is ebb and flow from both the vocals, the rhythm and feel of this track

In Shapes of Darkness we have a battle between the drums and guitars that is overlaid with singing riffs.   The drums become frantic with the growling from Christan.  There is a temporary lull in the track but then it hits you again, building and increasing in momentum and power.

A wall of guitars, fuzzy bass and thundering drums bring From a Distance in to existence.  There are power chords galore and for me this track really showcases Anne-Mete’s vocals.  This is a classic rock track, with loads of interest from each of the instruments which come into their own.

Flaming Heart hits you from the start with the massive bass line and fierce drumming, this is a true doom metal track, as it thunders through.  The guitars provide the texture and help to trust you into the dark world where this tracks seems perfectly placed.

Then there is a massive change in tempo with Because of You which is softer and slower, backed up by the acoustic guitars.  It reminded me slightly of Heart with Anne-Mete’s expressive vocals.  A true ballad but with enough about it to keep you listening, the drumming and expansive power chords combine with singing riffs and a deep bass line to provide a catchy track.

Clashing cymbals lead you into War of the Blind which is heavy and full from the start.  The raspy guitars build and then slow with licks and riffs a plenty, the middle section is stripped back to the drums and vocals until the melee begins again, building and broodingly shadowy.  This is certainly a full on rock track which has everything you could wish for in it, the riffs in the final section lead upwards and seem to cry out of the darkness.

Behind the Truth lures you in with picked guitars but soon revs up to the full throttle, heavy drums, fuzzy bass and lifting riffs, giving it a goth / doom flavour, that you will have come to realise is seemingly effortless band.

Broken could be on any classic rock album as it packs a punch with soaring riffs, chugging bass lines, heavy drumming and great vocals.  This was my favourite track of the album.  It absolutely powers along, with the earthy guitars.  However, in the last third the guitars become muted and more atmospheric before building back up as the track powers towards the final note.

Dead End is the finale of this album, which has changes of tempo and texture, as it ebbs back and forth between metal and classic rock, the drumming is really ferocious in places with the guitars providing machine gun rattles as everything gets thrown into the melting pot of this 7 minute track.  It has a kind of prog feel in places but then all of that gets thrown out of the window by Christan’s growling vocals.  There are resonating, piercing riffs, heavy drumming, intriguing bass lines and everything else you can think of in this track.

This album has loads of different styles to keep you interested and wanting to hear more.  There is great playing here and loads of big riffs, power drumming and interesting bass lines integrated with vocal purity and emotion.  If you are a fan of Trivium, As I Lay Dying and All That Remains you should definitely give them a listen.

Te album Of Ghostly Remains  can be purchased at www.artgatesrecords.com/store/index.php?id_product=12&controller=product&id_lang=35

And you can follow them on Facebook  www.facebook.com/endmysorrow and Twitter



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