Mister Twisted – Reggular


Mister Twisted are an Indie / Reggae band who come from Manchester.  The band is made up of Andy Connors on Lead Guitar, David Smith on Vocals, Ivan Holmes on Guitar and Vocals and Adam Preece on Bass.

They are described as a Manchester-based psych-reggae groove machine with a post-punk vibe. Bringing ambient yet energetic live shows, and a sound inspired by Gorillaz and Tame Impala, Mister Twisted just want to make you dance.

The track starts with a dreamy melody, dispersed with rhythmic notes and chattering beneath, then the soulful vocals drip in like honey and reminded me slightly of Broken Witt Rebels, as they ooze with depth and expression.  The vocals are highlighted perfectly by the rich harmonies.  Underneath all of this you have a very chilled out reggae beat from the guitars.  This is a really unhurried track as the vocals, harmonies and guitars weave in and out of each other creating a summery texture.

This quality is intensified as the beat and reggae influences deepen and become more expressive as the track moves on.  This is a really catchy tune that I can imagine being played at summer BBQs and making the listeners smile, it has the perfect laid back feel that is associated with reggae music but this also contains interesting twists, like the ending which I will leave to be a surprise for you too!

I really enjoyed this track and so if you are looking for a laid-back vibe with smooth vocals then check this out.

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