Voodoo Blood – Anabolic Blues


Voodoo Blood are a Manchester band, formed in 2015, which is made up of Kim Jennett on vocals and guitar, Will Lewis on Drums, Sean Owens on guitar and Chris Norris on bass.

I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live earlier this year and was impressed with their stage presence and their playing ability.  Kim has a great voice that reminds me of Lizzy Hale and Pat Bennatar but with her own style.

This is a grown up EP for a young band, all of the songs feel well rounded and thought out.  They show off the strengths that the band has and will leave you wanting to hear more from Voodoo Blood.

The EP starts with Taste Your Love which opens with a mesmeric drum beat, builds into guitar and then Kim starts the track with a cry.  This track will have you nodding your head along with the drum beat and smiling at the guitar riffs.  The guitars bind the whole song together rising to a crescendo of sound, on which rock and roll was based.  Kim has a gravely, lingering quality to her voice which fits this track as it thunders along, all the while the drums are changing time, the guitars are climbing and wheeling and the bass driving forward.

Jet Black is a catchy track that is reminiscent of great female vocal rock and roll.  This seems to be a blues influenced track with changes in tempo and volume levels.   “Her hearts Jet Black and she doesn’t care” after the big build up we then see a slightly softer approach from Kim’s vocals.  Just as you get into this thought the drums start, Kim singing builds up,  the growly guitars take over and you are lifted higher and higher.  This tune would have the audience dancing along and singing the chorus back to the band.

Vicious Love starts with a banging drum beat, crashing, building guitar riffs.  This track has a great beat running though it which builds, slows down, then heavy guitars scream in making a huge sound to match Kim’s vocals.  This is a foot taping, head banging, rising wall of sound that envelops you as it builds.  Then snarling guitars take over in what seems to be a battle to the death.  The drum beat then comes through and takes you to the other side of this track

Bleed another great drum beat, but a heavier guitar sound, Kim’s voice has a blues influenced but there is a nod to rock and punk influences in my opinion.    “I am razor sharp and I can make you bleed” which sums up the bands approach to music and their sound.  They are razor sharp in their abilities and then when Kim sings “He’s my pray, I always get what I want” you can believe that this band can get anything they want.

This is an EP which is full of great songs, they would not be out of place played anywhere.  Go and see them play live as you will not be disappointed.  If full on rock and roll, with a great female vocalist is your thing they deserve your attention.

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