Those Damn Crows – Murder and the Motive


Those Damn Crows are a 5 piece rock band that come from Bridgend, South Wales.  The band is made up of Shane Greenhall on vocals, Ian “Shiner” Thomas on guitar, Ronnie Huxford on drums, Lloyd Wood on bass and David Winchurch on guitar.  This album was released in 2016.  They played Giants of Rock at Minehead in January and are playing Wildfire Festival in Wiston in June 2017.

Those Damn Crows describe themselves as hard hitting and they are not wrong.  This is an album that sizzles from start to finish, stopping only to hit you around a bit to make sure you are keeping up.  It rattles along at a million miles an hour with great riffs, frantic drumming and gravelly vocals.

Murder and Motive opens with Don’t Give a Damn, a fast paced and dynamic wall of music hits you with driving guitars, this develops into catchy vocals and the resounding “I don’t give a damn” is, perhaps a sign of this bands attitude that they are their own people with their own sound.

Seven Days has a different vocal quality as it is slightly softer than Don’t Give a Damn but the powerful guitars pulse along, with the driving bass and frenetic drum beat.  The song slows in the middle, slightly, to allow space for the listener’s ears to recover and process the immense sound.

Someone Someday starts with a chugging guitar and then crashes into full on rock and roll, this contains more soulful vocals and lyrics.  It seems to be a song about separation and not wanting to be someone else, it has a mournful quality.

The Fighter starts with punchy bass and drums and you can imagine a fight going on as this fast paced and furious track builds and develops.  “You ain’t seen nothing like me before” sounds out from this track, along with “push me, trust me, you’ll make it worse”.  For me this is a track about someone knowing who they are and not being afraid to take on the world.  It has beautiful, snarling riffs with some tremendous drumming.

Killing me starts with battle field drum beat and leads into crashing guitars, interweaving with the vocals.  Blink of an eye is slightly softer and reminds me slightly of Stone Broken or the Dead Daisies, it has many changes in pace with the vocals up front and central on this track.  The fuzzy bass, drums and guitars all add colour and lead you on towards the end of the track.

I’ll be coming home starts with driving drums and head banging guitars, there is a bit more space in this song as the pace is not quite as full on as the rest of the album and it allows you to hear the great playing and vocal quality of Those Damn Crows.

Breakaway reminds me slightly of Nickleback with its rolling wall of guitars and drums. One of these nights contains more of the great riffs and driving drums that, by now you have come to expect from this band.  It snarls its way along to climatic ending.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead has a two fingers in the air to those who have pronounced the end of Rock and Roll and is a great rant about how Rock and Roll is still very much alive and lived by this band, balanced by full on riffs, intense bass and drumming.  “Who said Rock n Roll is Dead” could be the chant of this band and I can imagine audiences singing along with this and not letting the band give it up.

Red Light invites you to “hold tight” and you will need to as this in your face song builds up and swings you about at 100 miles per hour.  It has soaring, building riffs combined with driving bass and throbbing drums.

Fear of the Broken has a rise and fall quality that builds and then slows both vocally and instrumentally.  The drums burst along with rounded bass and distorted guitars.  Tonight Tonight is another full on track, filled with buzzy guitars, catchy lyrics as this album grinds to an end.

This is a roller-coaster of an album, it is filled with delicious riffs, great drumming and catchy vocals.  I really enjoyed listening to it and can imagine it would sound tremendous played live.

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