The Quireboys – Rushden Athletic Centre – 17th December 2016


This was the perfect pre Christmas gig as everyone seemed to be really up for having a good time.  All of the acts played acoustic sets tonight as part of this tour.

Rushen Athletic Centre is a Victorian building with a club downstairs and the room for gigs is upstairs.  It is a bit like a theatre and the stage is really high, so no need for a barrier!  The beer is cheap so it can make for an entertaining night.

There were 2 support acts, The Midnight Dogs who are Leicester based band playing rock and roll, they are a 5 piece band and they certainly got the crowd going.  The second support was a Swedish band called The Gloria Story, who played gutsy punk and rock including covers from Kiss.  Both bands are worth checking out in their own right as I feel they would pack a punch when playing an electric set.

Then came The Quireboys, this band certainly know what they are all about and what they have to do when they are on stage.  3 songs in Spike announces that he cannot hear a thing going on through his monitor and asking if he could be heard by the audience!  You would not have been able to tell from being in the audience as the sound was great.

The Quireboys seemed really relaxed as this was the last gig of this tour for them, they interacted with the crowd, many of whom they knew and seemed up for having a good time.  T

They kicked off the set with There She Goes Again and got the crowd singing along, then we were into Mislead and Roses and Rings.  All the while the crowd were singing and dancing along.  Devil of a Man followed with Spike asking who it had been written about.  Mona Lisa Smiled, Hello and Beautiful Curse followed.

Whippin’ Boy called for lots of crowd participation and they did not fail to deliver.  Then we had Have a Drink With Me, all of the crowd were raising their glasses to salute the Quireboys and singing along, the party had well and truly started.

Hates to Please, Last Time and Sweet Mary Ann pleased the crowd. Then 7 O Clock started, although you could tell this meant the set was coming to a close the crowd and the Quireboys were not going to let this end quickly or quietly, it was a rip roaring end, the crowd were dancing and singing along and band seemed well up for having a good time, inviting everyone to stay behind and have a drink with them after.

There was an encore of I Don’t Love You Anymore which was hauntingly beautiful being stripped back.

There was lots of on stage banter, jokes about cellars, booze and past misdemeanours.  It seems as though this is a band who get on well, have a great appreciation for their fans and love what they do.  They certainly appreciated people coming out to see them and supporting live music.  A great night and a perfect lead up to the festivities.

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