The Legendary – Pirates EP


The Legendary are a stoner rock band that come from Munich, Germany and are formed of Thorsten Rock (Guitar and Vocals), Stefan Jonjes (Drums) and Nik Beer (Bass).  Nik has since left and has been replaced by Alexander Pozniak (Guitars) and Basti Philipp (Bass).  The band were formed in 2014 and this was their first EP.

They are currently mixing their album and expect it to be out on 19th May 2017, called “Let’s Get a Little High”.  They supported Tito and Tarantula on their European tour in April 2015.

This EP kicks off with Last of our Days which starts building straight away into a pulsating drum and bass line.  It rockets along with rolling, sledgy guitar with driving riffs.  In the chorus the guitars sing sweetly, with the rhythmic drumming persisting.  The song slows down completely but then rises again, building and pulsing until you are into cutting, screaming riffs.

I wish I had a beer as cold as your heart is my favourite track on this EP and starts with a hand clapping drum beat with fuzzy bass line, wait until the chorus kicks in and you will understand that this band sometimes has tongue in cheek vocals!  Thorsten’s vocals start with a dreamy feel to me, with a textured guitar, once the chanting of the chorus starts it brings a totally different vibe to the song.  We get soaring riffs and then a change to female vocals.  This is anthemic to me and I would love to be in a room with the crowd singing along.

Hardrock Hotel is a good old rock and roll track, heavy on bass and drums with distorted riffs which climb and drop back into a swaggering chorus.  This track has plenty going for it, sustained riffs, catchy beat and lyrics that prompt you to sing along.

If I was a girl has a 50’s vibe, although the lyrics are certainly a lot more modern that that!  Underneath the lyrics you get a driving bass and accented drumming and overall is vintage rock and roll in feel.

Gallows Tree   has a different quality to Thorsten’s voice which is more soulful, then into rock as this song builds into the hard-hitting drums and beautiful, soaring riffs which reminds me of classic rock riffs.  There are changes in pace and rhythm, underscored by fat bass lines, heavy drums and piercing guitar.

Pirates is the final track on this EP and starts with distortion before swinging into rhythmic drums and bass overlaid with substantial guitar.  The track moves through the drums being foremost to a repeating guitar with a battle cry of “Freedom is All”.  The track finishes with an explosive end.

This is a band who is not afraid to take the micky with their lyrics, but underneath this cheeky exterior they understand what makes good rock and roll, good melodies, catchy, sing along, words and great playing.  There are some wonderful riffs, drumming and bass lines that would not be out of place on any classic rock album.  This EP had me smiling and nodding along.  It is essentially feel good music that keeps your toes tapping and your spirits soaring.

I am really looking forward to seeing what the new album brings!

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