The Bad Flowers – EP



The Bad Flowers are a three-piece Rock band that come from the Midlands.  They are made up of Tom Leighton on vocals and guitar, Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis on drums.  They were formed in 2014 and already have a reputation of playing full on rock and roll which has led to them supporting The Sheepdogs, Crobot and recently Scorpion Child.

The EP begins with Can you Feel it? which is a great catchy tune filled with crashing drums, deep, rhythmic bass lines and Tom’s vocals in which you can hear the pain, especially in the chorus.  The guitar sizzles along with changes of rhythm and tempo.  This track has a fluidity to it that builds to the end.

City Lights is the next track and begins with a plaintive “I’m in love with the city” this leads into a thumping guitar with the hard-hitting drums.  This track features some of the best guitar riffs that, in my opinion, that have an influence of Hendrix.   I think this is a love song to a city but in true rock and roll fashion it has everything that you could need to make it a great track, resonant  bass line, sing along lyrics and some fat, heavy riffs that will keep you smiling along and underneath it all is an interesting drum beat.  You will long remember this track after it has finished.

A driving drum along with solid guitars starts Big Country, which seems to be about driving and searching for something beyond your grasp, which always seems to elude you and so you need to keep travelling on.  This track will keep you travelling along with this band, who don’t let up.

Run, Run, Run finishes this EP and if you are anything like me you will be putting it on repeat and playing it over and over again.  This is a heavy, intense song, singing about your woman leaving you, no money and too many bills but the chorus lifts you and again you will find your head nodding along, toes tapping.  This track again has a great balance of singing guitar riffs, a fabulous, thumping bass line and interesting drums.

This is a band that understand that you need to leave space in the songs for the listener to catch up, take a breath and wonder what is coming next, and generally it is another great tune, which is played by musicians who understand rock music and want to make their listeners smile and enjoy the experience.

This is a band who need to be seen live as they have a ton of energy and enthusiasm that really shines through.  They understand what their listener wants and work incredibly hard to deliver it to them.  They are also really nice people who have time to stop and speak to everyone after a gig.

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