Suicide by Tigers – Suicide by Tigers


This is the debut album from Swedish rock group, Suicide by Tigers.  They are made up of Nils Lindstrom on vocals, Petter Rudnert on guitar, Johan Helgesson on drums and Peter Broch on bass.  They were formed in 2012 with Johan and Peter joining in 2014. This album was released in September 2016 and was produced by Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars).

The album opens with Death on your Trail starting with warped drum sound and then the cry of “Cut” before the rhythm section and drums kick in.  Petter’s voice is soft but really evocative but gets deeper and more resonant the further you get into the track.  This track has a blues 70’s feel that reminded me of Starksy and Hutch, in a good way J.  It is a really interesting sound which builds into some fuzzy and heavier riffs.

Beautiful Nights is a slower track, Petter’s voice is really striking and can handle the change in tempo.  Underneath this you get crashing guitars and drums.  This song has a lot of space and a jazz quality in the slower sections.  It builds and drops back down again.  There are some really heavy riffs here too with impressive playing and changes in tone and colour.

Pack of Wolves has a funkier, more psychedelic feel, that powers along with searching guitars and reminded me in parts of early Rival Sons.  The drums and bass then really crank up with earthy guitars over.

Vicious Malicious starts with a heavier more distorted bass and guitar.  This has been a single for the band and it showcases all that they can do.  There is much to keep you interested, changes in drum sounds, changes in tempo combine with guitar riffs which are extremely evident throughout this album and executed perfectly.

Fox in a Hole has a 60’s / 70’s feel for me and is another slower track.  Petter’s voice sounds almost mournful as he sings about being “a fox on the run, down in his hole, hoping and praying that it would all go away”.  This has a timeless feel, I can imagine it being played during my childhood but still feels very current with the revival in blues influenced rock.  It is a melancholy track which is backed up, for me, by the tone of the bass line with distorted and fuzzy lead guitar riffs.  It has a beautiful shimmering finish.

True Believers starts with a weightier riff and bass line, whilst the drum weaves in and out becoming front and central especially during the second half of the song.  The tight riffs and almost drum solo combine to make this a thought provoking track.

Ball of Fire has a resonant and atmospheric feel but changes in the second half of the track to something more dynamic and full on.  Here we get singing riffs, accomplished playing on the drums and bass as this track builds upwards to the finale.

Keep you smiling will do exactly that as it has everything that the rest of the album is full of: Interesting vocals from Petter, a thumping bass that slows and builds, exciting drums and deep, fuzzy riffs.  This track has dramatic pauses, changes in pulse and an almost dream like feel to me.

This is a classic blues rock album and the band are obviously accomplished players.  I would have liked a bit more passion in the vocals, at times but they were interesting enough to keep me listening.  There are influences from Hendrix and at times the sound reminded me of early Rival Sons or Broken Witt Rebels.


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