Stone Broken – All in Time


Stone Broken are a 4 piece rock band that come from Walsall in the West Midlands.  They formed in 2013 and released a debut EP As the Crow Flies in 2014.  All in Time was released in January 2016 and I was lucky enough to be there for the release, having heard them played on Planet Rock and liking what I heard.  They have been voted runner up in “Best New Band” category by Planet Rock Awards 2016.

The band is made up of Rich Moss on Lead Vocals / Guitar, Chris Davis on Lead Guitar / Vocals, Kieron Conroy on Bass / Vocals and Robyn Haycock on Drums / Vocals.  They are just about to embark on a UK and European tour supporting Glenn Hughes.

I would be really surprised if you had not heard any of the tracks off this album as it has been played a great deal on Planet Rock and other rock radio stations.  If you like full on rock, with lyrics you can sing along to, intense riffs played with precision then this is the band for you.

The album opens with Not your enemy, straight away you are into a heavy, full on guitar and bass fuelled, kicking track which is what you can expect from the album.  Rich has gravelly vocals that remind me of Chad Kroeger but he does have his own sound, for those who are down on Nickelback.  There are fat, distorted bass lines, powerful licks and bursting drums.

Better is about doing better in your life and not wishing your life away, to me.  It has a really catchy chorus and lyrics that will resonate with young and old.  It is a song of hope, for me.  Throughout there are Robyn’s drum leading you on, overlaid with powerful guitars which get the toes tapping and head nodding.

I’ll be there starts much shower and quieter than the first 2 tracks but then rises into driving drums and bass line but with softer lyrics from Rich.  This to me is a song about growing up and remembering your childhood.  The guitar riffs would not be out of place on any of the classic rock albums.

Let me Go has an angrier, moodier feel, from the atmospheric and screaming guitars.  This track powers along with wailing guitars, heavy, rhythmic drums and bass.  It feels like an argument that rages back and forth, things seem to get brighter in the chorus but then it is back to the push and pull of the disagreement which is eloquently delivered by drums, bass and guitars.

Wait for me is much slower, played with an acoustic guitar.  The atmosphere builds as the track becomes fuller in the chorus where the electric guitars and drums come in and by the end of the track we are back in the world of power riffs with a sadness about them.    This a a song that demands to be played live and having been lucky enough to do so, when the audience sings along it sounds fantastic.

Save Tomorrow brings a departure from the tried and tested with slower, sullen, stripped back verses however chorus is full throttle.    It takes you and knocks you round the head with growling guitars, heavy bass and thumping drums.

This Life is another song of hope, to me.  It is about survival and still being here.  It has all that you have come to expect of Stone Broken by this point, catchy lyrics that are instant earworms, cutting guitars with heavy bass and drums.

Another Day is an atmospheric power ballad about not being able to say what you feel.  This song will resonate with anyone who has had a relationship with someone that has ended but whom you are still in love.  It is emotional and feels like a classic power ballad from the 80’s, although in a contemporary way.

Fall Back Down has a powerful drum beat pushing away underneath the chugging riffs and big bass lines.  This track has another huge chorus.  This track has changes of tempo and the guitars bring a feeling of being stuck, which matches to the essence of the song, in my opinion.

Stay all Night is full of energy and enthusiasm, the driving drum beat propels the track along.  Sparkling riffs, thumping bass line combine with memorable lyrics, the track winds up and down and leads into a big finale.

This is full on classic rock and roll, 100 miles an hour in places, then slower and more playful.  It is full of enthusiasm and very positive message about survival and making your life your own.  You will find it very hard not to nod your head along to this album.

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