Sinner – Tequila Suicide



This is the 15th studio album from Sinner, who started their epic recording history in the 1980’s .  The bands current format is Mat Sinner (vocals, bass), Tom Naumann (guitar), Alex Scholpp (guitar) and Francesco Jovino (drums).   Coming from Germany, Sinner were up there with Scorpions and Helloween back in the 80’s, touring with Mr Big and Savatage in the 90’s and receiving their biggest commercial success with “The Nature of Evil” album in 1998.  The band then toured with Ronnie James Dio and Hammerfall, also playing WACKEN festival in 2003.  Preparations for this album started in early 2016 and it is being released on 31st March 2017.

Numerous high class guest musicians (Gus G of Ozzy Osbourne & Firewind, Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear) and Pete Lincoln (Sailor, Sweet))  feature on Tequila Suicide.  The album artwork is stunning and very visually appealing.

The album starts with Go Down Fighting which starts like a bullet out of a gun with a bone rattling drum beat, solid bass line and sustained, singing riffs.  The vocals have a staccato quality that combine to keep this track storming along.

Tequila Suicide begins with a rolling wall of sound that quietens slightly into sludgy guitars, which seem to me to be a perfect accompaniment to a song about drinking!  It has a great melody which I think would go down well with crowds and being played live.

Road to Hell to me has more than a passing nod to Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) by Thin Lizzy in my opinion but this is no bad thing.  This is a slower track and gives you an opportunity to hear the vocals and also the individual instruments.  The guitars add a darker, brooding quality to this track but with riffs that add shimmering texture.

Interest from the drums and bass start Dragons, translucent guitars build as the track progresses.  They squall and bite beneath the vocals adding flavour and texture.  This song is about how women can be dragons and stab you in the back!  The riffs in the last third of this track are magnificent as they rise and build.

Battle Hill starts with a battle drum with a haunting quality, the vocals have a raspy quality which again fits with the lyrics.  It has a Celtic feel to me as it thunders along, earthy guitars adding to other worldliness.  This is a brooding tune with a dark, mystical nature but in the right environment, played live, this could be epic.

Sinner Blues is a surprise after the opening tracks being more traditional blues track, it is slower with 60 cigarettes per day, gravelly vocals.  The slower nature of this track works well for me as it gives me a space to catch up and take stock of all that I have heard so far.  This is a great track, as for me, it has an emotional intensity and seems to show real honesty.

Why is back to the break neck speed of the previous tracks, the pounding drums, fuzzy bass and driving guitars that at times have a fluid, spacy quality.  This is an accomplished track which will have many people head banging along.

Gypsy Rebels builds into the chorus, again there is a Phil Lynott quality to the track, for me.  This track has all that you would wish for from a classic rock band, thundering drums, heavy and fat bass lines, vibrant and energetic guitars and a catchy sing a long tune that gets you up and moving.

Back with in your face rock n roll Loud and Clear has skewed guitars, throbbing drums and fuzzy bass lines, shrieking riffs and chugging guitars, eloquently match with the vocals.  The conversation between the instruments adds real interest.

Dying on a Broken Heart is another slower ballad track, with a slight country twang.  It shows the diversity of this band being able to turn up the intensity into full on rock n roll, mellow out into blues numbers and do power ballads.  This track has all the qualities you would want from a power ballad, by the way, lyrics you can sing your heart out to, soulful guitar playing merging with tight drumming and a full bass line.

If you are a fan of Thin Lizzy / Phil Lynott, enjoy classic heavy rock and love to hear guitars and drums being played well then give this album a listen.  It has a good combination between slower and in your face, which is what you can get when a band have been around for as long as they have and know what they need to do to please an audience.


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