Safire – Under my Skin EP


Safire are a band that come from Northern  Ireland and are made up of Saffron Gorman on Lead Vocals, Tim Torrens on Guitar and Vocals, Cozy McAuley on Drums  and Dean Kane on Bass.  They formed in 2013 as a 3 piece band and Dean Kane joined them in 2015.  This debut EP was released in 2016.

The EP begins with Under my Skin which has a slightly middle eastern, spacy feel to the beginning of the track but then the guitars and drums come in with a really strong rhythm, which has my head nodding and toes tapping.  Saffron has a great vocal quality that I really like.  It is slightly reminiscent of early The Pretty Reckless for me.  The track continues with the slightly exotic sounding guitar sounds which weave in and out with the drum and bass adding interest and colour in the background.  The lead guitar builds towards the end of the track with singing, sustained riff.

Fallen Angel has an 80’s feel for me, Saffron’s vocals bring an original texture, she has a good range and they are put to use in this track.  The winding bass guitar links with a rising lead guitar to provide flavour.

Sunshine starts with a power riff and kicking drum beat, then there a pause until Saffron’s vocals come in.   This for me is the track of the EP.  It feels darker and moody, with Saffron singing about “Get out of my head” which leads into the catchy chorus.  I can hear this track being played at a festival, the crowd singing along and loving it.

It has focused, atmospheric riffs.  I found myself singing along in the chorus.  I have heard this track played on the radio (Guy Bellamy / Meridian 107) and it is the perfect radio track as it has everything you would want interesting drums, fat and heavy bass line, well played and interesting guitar and great vocal talent.

If you like female vocals, catchy songs and some great riffs then this is definitely worth listening to.

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